Where is everyone calling Trump supporters "Meth-heads" or "Meth smokers" come from?

In about the last week I’ve seen on Twitter and other message boards people suddenly calling Trump supporters meth-heads at a giant rate that seems like it popped up out of some meme somewhere, sort of like how after John Oliver did the Drumpf thing suddenly that was everywhere.

Does anybody know why this is happening? Did some comedian make a joke or is there a Trump tweet I’m not aware of?

because of Appalachia and rural areas which had the most trump supporters have a meth problem as its where most of the meth is/was cooked for years

i think opioids like fentanyl and oxy have replaced it tho in recent years

I’ve seen the meme: It’s a cartoon of a meth head wearing a MAGA hat with a caption that reads: “Heeth til yo Presidenth” (He’s still your President)

Okay that makes a lot of sense, thanks.