Where is my local radio station getting these bits from?

A local classic rock station has an afternoon DJ who will discuss various topics and get listener input. I know it’s actually a local show because I’ve seen the DJ at various local events. You get the standard mix of informed and dumbass and joking replies. Like today’s topic is a possible new law in New Jersey that makes driving while drinking or eating illegal. The station plays a few calls from listeners and then proceeds to play a parody song to the tune of “Riders on the Storm” with a pretty good Jim Morrison imitator. The lyrics of the song satirize the issue.

My question is, I don’t think the local talent is making this level of knock-off songs and skits every day. Is there some sort of standard “radio comedy” package they are buying to get the joke songs and skits and whatnot?

Ignoring the legalities of the parody song creator, i.e. whether he needs permission or pays royalties to Jim Morrison’s estate etc., for a radio station a parody song is the same as any other kind of song. The radio station is licensed and pays ASCAP dues which gives it the right to broadcast copyrighted material.

The parody song came first. The DJ and/or program director heard about it somewhere and then they came up with the setup bit to match it…

Most likely they buy it from a place like United Stations that create the bits and them sell them to various stations.

That seems very likely. The callers might not be real either, I rarely hear them mention anything local: Radio ‘Story’: When Guest Callers Are Really Just Acting

radio is a very sleazy business and has been for a long time. It’s possible the whole thing is faked.