Where is the Tea Party in all this Trump nonsense?

I can’t imagine that the Tea Party is happy with Trump given some of his views on trade, abortion, taxes, and gun control. Have they mobilized? Or has the movement died down?

Quite a few Trump supporters are from the tea party movement. Some of them may simply be too ill-informed to be aware that his views don’t line up with theirs, or they may have deluded themselves into believing that his real views are actually more in line with theirs than his public pronouncements. But I suspect that some of them are just really pissed off and joined both movements to give the middle finger to the establishment without giving much thought to policy positions.

On the other hand there are also tea partiers who understand how little Trump’s declared policy positions differ from their own, and fiercely oppose him. This isn’t being talked about much, but I suspect Trump is creating serious divisions in the tea party movement.

I think that, whoever the leadership of the various movements may be and whatever policies they claim to emphasize, the core voters for the Tea Party and Trump and theocrats are all social conservative, anti-government xenophobes. Thus they are willing to vote for all three, despite the fact that the Tea Party claims to not care so much for regressive social policy and Trump is all over the map when not discussing immigration. Their voters want to “take back our country to do X”, even if they also care about issues Y and Z.