Where is this location in California?


I assume it’s somewhere in Big Sur. It seems like a place that would be named and also possibly have a geological name for this kind of physical occurrence/landscape.

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, maybe?

To save others the trouble, TinEye doesn’t know.

Looking at the bottom of the “pit” there, is that water? It sort of looks like an ocean wave coming in or receding. I’m not aware of any sea cave or tunnel like that in the Big Sur area. It could be a local secret or a spot really hard to get to I suppose.

I don’t think so. The poor resolution and lack of context makes it difficult to identify foliage, but while the trees do kind of look like the coastal variety of Gowen cypress, the geology looks like the entry into a lava tube or that it may even be the eroded remnants of a cinder cone. The Santa Lucia range is much older than that and mostly formed from pre-Cretaceous sedimentary and metamorphic strata. My guess is that this is from somewhere in the Cascade Arc if it is in California at all.


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Little River Blowhole ? BTW a blow hole is any small opening ,on land, of a sea cave where the waves effects are noticable … such as a spray or surge of water.

little river blow hole picture… https://www.californiabeaches.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Little-River-Blowhole-Bryce-June2015-17-1000x667.jpg

That looks right. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it’s the Little River Blowhole, as photos of it online don’t match, and it looks clearly a lot smaller than what’s pictured in the OP photo.

I’m not a geologist, but it does look like it could be a blowhole, though. It looks like foamy water with possible wave action going on, which suggests it could be tidal.

Looking at photos of the Little River Blowhole, I don’t think it’s the same place. There are what look to be full grown trees down towards the bottom of the photo in the OP. From what I can tell, the walls of the Little River Blowhole have some ferns and bushes. Little River looks smaller/shallower than the spot in question.

Why do you assume that?

I’m pretty familiar with Big Sur and it doesn’t like typically Big Sur-ish to me. I mean, it could be Big Sur, but it could be millions of other places, too.

Well, I can see why Big Sur was the first thought. It reminds me of the arch at Julia Pfeiffer.

It does look like Little River to me, taken at a different zoom, so the same trees don’t show. The blowhole and the rocks look the same.

I’ve been to Little River and that definitely isn’t it. It could be somewhere in Kings Range or Sinkyone Wilderness.


I’d go even further and ask the OP how s/he knows it is in California? It seems a little odd to be so sure that it’s in the state, but to have no other information at all.

The trees in front of and to the right of the “sink hole” do not look like trees one would see naturally growing on the coast in that part of CA. It looks more like something you’d see in the Mountains. The rock, too don’t look right. Most of that area is loose, sandstone type stuff that is easily eroded. That looks like granite.