Where might I find information about county penitentiaries?

Is there anywhere I can go to find general information about everyday prison life reality? I’m interested in things like, what are the criteria for assigning inmates to particular areas when a majority is of similar health/mental state? What are the standards by which inmates are judged to be “average” within the prisoner population?

How are the prison facilities subdivided and why?

If inmates requiring health maintenance, such as diabetics and cancer patients, are kept in a separate medical area to facilitate their treatment, are the patient-prisoners then subdivided further based on the severity of their medical condition?

Do they all get one blanket, or do some get two?

The thing is, I have no clue what aspects there are to prisons and prison life that I might uncover and learn more about.

Are there any Internet resources, books to recommend? I am seeking fairly balanced, objective information.

Our own Qadgop the Mercotan is a doctor at a prison, so if he does vanity searches he might show up to answer some of your questions.