Where Old Watches Go to Die....

…and how they get there.

      • I have a Luminox divers-style watch with tritium hands and face, about, uh, , 8? years old maybe? It cost around $175 when I got it. Battery-powered analog, with an analog date wheel. Two days ago it started doing something odd: in the time of about one second, it fast-forwards four seconds, every four seconds. It still kept time. I guessed that the battery was low and this was it’s way of warning you, but I replaced the battery and it still does it. I haven’t put my hands in anything like solvents or oil or anything like that recently. Is this watch dying? - MC

Where old watches go to die?

That’s simple.

My house!
I have what must be several dozen watches that don’t work scattered abouts. It ranges from simply dead or dying batteries, or watches with armbands, cases, or hands missing entirely!


That is a bit strange.

That’s the first I’ve heard of that. Could something have gotten into the gears of the watch? That sounds like what would happen if there were some debris in the gears (or something) and the battery would need to generate enough power to pulse the gears (or whatever) and dislodge it. (With whatever subsequently relodging itself in the mechanics of your watch.)

Though that’s just idle speculation on my part, as a freelance moron.

Yes, it’s probably dying, if changing the battery didn’t fix it. If you like the watch, you can probably get the works replaced (battery-run watches generally aren’t “repaired” like mechanicals are–you just replace the guts). Take it to a jeweler, they can send it out and get an estimate.

Ever since i was a kid i somehow always ended up with everyones old broken watches.So my answer is . The junk drawer in my dresser. Or that box of crap in my closet.

I’ve had several good watches over the years, but once i inevitabley (sp?) break the band, I know its days are numbered. Once I start carrying my watch in my pocket,it’s as good as gone. I have always likened their disappearances to little critters such as the underwear gnomes of Southpark.
But where thewy exactly go? I couldn’t tell you.