Where on the internet can i talk to people about personal problems

My friends are very unreliable and i do not feel comfortable talking to them anymore about my personal problems because of it. 1 is somewhat attentive but offers nothing supportive other than parroting what i say, the other is nowhere to be found and i think this has something to do with the fact that she had a crush on me and i didn’t recriprocate.

Im having alot of problems right now (falling out with my only friends isn’t helping), alot of my goals have been shattered in the last month and im in the 2nd worst period of my entire life right now (its not a painful period, just despondent, anxious, and hopeless) and i am always coming up with new ideas to work my way out but i have no one to talk to or relate with about problems, ideas, fears, etc.

So is there an emotional crisis webpage or something, a meeting group, a message board (preferably), or anything along those lines?

i dont know if i like google groups due to the fact that it takes 9 hours for a post to load, i want real time dialogue or emails that are answered rapidly if possible.

I don’t know anything about Internet groups, but if you call the local United Way, they can get you in touch with a counselor to talk to. If you don’t have health insurance, there are therapists out there who’ll charge on a sliding scale based on your income; it’ll be affordable.

I did just that a few months ago, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. He doesn’t prescribe medication or ask about my (hypothetical) Oedipus complex; it’s basically an hour every other week when I can talk to someone who’s knowledgeable about human motivation and impartial. And because he’s not involved in my life at all, I can tell him anything at all–I don’t have to spare his feelings, or listen to his problems.

It’s an occasional hour of “jackelope time” and it’s done me a world of good.

Hope this helps.

There are internet chat rooms for everything now. Just type in depression and they have a chat room just for this. I did this one night when I was having a particularly hard time getting over my divorce and it helped me tremendously. The people in these rooms had all been depressed and are so very supportive and knowledgable about life in general. They have chatrooms that are monitored 24/7 and different chat rooms for different things such as anxiety or ADHD. Here is the link…

I hope this helps.

Good luck to you. If you have money/med insurance, perhaps you could just go see a psychologist or pro counselor instead of looking on the Net. Also, some docs will charge less if they know you don’t have the bling, kindof pro bono.

Again, I wish you healing and light in this time of crisis.

I’ve always found solace at the bottom of a Jack Daniels bottle.

ok ok I’m kidding
Just had to second and say there are alot of volunteer orgs out there that can help for free or the next closest thing…

Also I’m not sure how much I could trust help over the internet. Depending on the severity of your problems.

First I’m sorry you are going through a tough period.
This has happened to almost all of us, and it is definitely good to talk with a sympathetic someone who understands what you are going through.

As others have said, there are organisations that have trained people to help (though they may charge).

Is there anyone in your family who you trust?

The Internet is very good for answering factual questions. If you want a quote, or a film reference, or an obscure fact, go ahead.
It is not good for personal relations.

You and I cannot see each other, so all helpful visual clues are out immediately.
You and I have no idea what age (or sort of person etc) the other one is. I happen to be a teacher who has taught thousands of pupils and supervised dozens. I have seen (and helped with) lots of teenage problems. But I can’t prove any of that, and you certainly shouldn’t tell me (or anyone else) too much about your personal life.

So if you just want to know (for example) about the health risks of drugs, by all means ask for cites on the Internet.
If you want to give up drugs, speak to a sympathetic person face-to-face.

Well i emailed my dad a week ago and called my mom on the phone today, so that helped work things out a bit. I honestly think i should spend more time addressing the root causes of my problems and valid treatments for them rather than talking to my friends via email, but a counselor would still be nice.

How much do you think they’d charge (ballpark) for a poor college student, $35 a session?

anyplace other than United way i could try? i think college has free counseling too.

Most colleges have some sort of counseling service. Do you have student insurance too? I’d go to the a regular doctor at the College medical center and ask about what services are offered poor students. They would have this kind of information.

here’s a thread

It’s good that you’re thinking about seeing a real-live counselor, because you certainly sound like you’re in a crisis based on you’re saying:

  • "[You’re] having a lot of problems right now
  • [You’ve] had a falling out with your only friends
  • A lot of [your] goals have been shattered in the last month
  • I’m in the 2nd worst period of my entire life right now
  • I’m despon despondent, anxious, and hopeless
  • I have no one to talk to or relate with about problems, ideas, fears, etc."

You need someone to talk to immediately. Don’t delay, or go the impersonal Internet route. Make a call to your campus counseling center and just go for one session and see if you like it. If yes, great. If not, try elsewhere. They will provide a referral.