Where should I go on my January vacation?

I’m starting to plan a well earned vacation during some time off in January. I’m not sure of the dates, probably between Jan 15-30.

Here is what I want to do:

I want to go somplace which will be cold.
I want someplace with decent public transportation.
I’d really like it to be within the United States. I live in Texas and I don’t think I"ll be able to afford Europe this time around. Canada might be an option, however.
I want some place with decent culture and nightlife.
I’d also like a place which has decent, yet inexpensive restaurants. I don’t want the five star treatment. I’d rather have exciting ethnic food which is inexpensive.

I’m thinking about Chicago, New York City, and Boston. Any other cities I should consider? I don’t know how many days I will have right now. Probably between 4-7.

How about Montreal. It is only a little bit further than Boston and they speak French so it will seem exotic. It meets all of your criteria well. I live in the Boston area and I would pick Montreal over Boston.

You could come visit us in the Twin Cities. Our public transportation may qualify as decent. But its cold, in the U.S., has surprisingly good culture and nightlife, cheaper than the cities you are looking at, and a ton of good restaurants.

That might be Winter Carnival Week…


However, its worth mentioning that winter fun around here is putting a little house on a lake, drilling a hole into the ice and drinking beer while you tell your wife the fish aren’t biting.

So, you want cold do you? Well, sure, come on up to Chicago in January and meet The Hawk. Man, you don’t know what cold is till you feel a wind chill of 20 below zero.
But, if you can stand that, Chicago has everything else you are looking for. Night life, restaurants, culture, good transportation, accommodations and shopping. Give us a post a week or so before you arrive and the Chicago dopers will clue you in to what’s happening around town during your visit. And remember to dress warm.

I have to agree. Come to Chicago! The Boat and RV show will be here, The Rolling Stones will be at the United Center, and here’s a whole BUNCH of cool stuff going on in Chicago in January of 2006!

Montreal, Toronto, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis, Vancouver.

Another vote for Toronto or Montreal. I’d recommend my Detroit but for your need of mass transit; ours is a mass mess.