where should I look for an accountant willing to serve as co-founder?

I am planning to set up an internet services company (rent of servers, weekly or monthly account payments from customers, many customers residing in SE Asia, if that makes any accounting difference, that type of thing) and would like to get the tax and accounting issues handled well from the start. I also, in the absence of angel money, don’t want the company to shut down the day after the CPA consultation for lack of funds.

So, I was wondering, where should I go to look for an accountant willing to consult (or become CFO, which at this point isn’t very different either way) for an equity stake and possibly also for a very sub-market compensation? I have heard that startups in the past have done similar things, getting accounting and even legal advice for equity, and I am guessing that today there are more under-employed accountants than during the dotcom boom. So where do I go to find one who would be willing to gamble a few hours of his time for a chance to own a share in a successful, export-driven business?