Where should I put this question?

If I wanted to ask this question:

How is it moral to proselytize?

Should it be in GD or IMHO, please? I’m looking for opinions as well as a debate.

And should I e-mail this question to a mod instead? I was kinda hoping **TubaDiva ** would answer.

IANAM, but I’ve never heard of any question of morality here which went anywhere other than GD. That goes double, for a question of morality pertaining to religion.

I’ll take your answer! Thanks! Now to go figure out how to phrase it properly.

Sure, anyone can see that by looking at your status, but didn’t you used to play one on TV?

IWAM, but IANAM. Note the tenses.

“Sometimes I think I’m a wigwam, sometimes I think I’m a tepee…”

I’d say put it in Great Debates.

Is done.