Where should the next off-site MLB game be?

This week, the Royals and Tigers played in Omaha to promote the College World Series. Later in the month, the Red Sox and Yankees play in London. And trips to Japan for major league games are a yearly occurence. Where are good locations for future major league games outside of the regular home parks?

I would think Latin America would be the obvious choice. Maybe Cuba.

Mexico and the Caribbean nations where we get a lot of players from. Don’t know if Cuba can be worked out currently.

Other places around the world would be fine, but I’m not sure how many people are all that interested in baseball.

It might be nice to have exhibition teams to show the world what America’s pastime is, but I’m not sure they know enough about the game to appreciate what they see. The late Eddie Feigner of the King in His Court softball exhibition team was fun to watch, but it was mostly Feigner striking out everybody from 2nd base. The Globetrotters did it for basketball, but the format allows a lot more clowning around and action that’s easy to enjoy even if you have no idea what the real game is about.

They should play in candidate cities for a new wave of expansion, assuming that said city has near-major-league facilities. Montreal, Portland, Nashville, Memphis, Charlotte, Durham and San Antonio sound to me like off-sites with potential.

There have been three, two-game series played by MLB teams in Monterrey, Mexico this year (one spring training and two regular season.) Cuba and the baseball crazy Dominican Republic would be great. South Korea and Taiwan too. If they go to Europe again, Amsterdam would be the logical choice.

MLB would love for baseball to take off in China, but it just isn’t catching on. I wonder if there has been any traction in the Philippines as well.

It’s just not the easiest game to catch on. People see basketball and they think they can play it. Everybody has seen soccer now. Baseball is slow and has a ton of rules. They might do better showing Chinese kids how to play stickball to get it started. I don’t know, maybe they do already.

Someday there will be a colony on the moon with a huge dome big enough to play baseball. That’s where I’d like to see a game sometime. Would the 1/6 g make for 800 foot homers? Would the runners move slower with less traction? How about pitching with less gravity, how would that turn out? I’d love to know.

I’d like to see it go where there will likely never be an MLB team: how about Hawaii or Alaska. Cuba would be a good choice in my opinion, the country already loves the game and it would help improve relations between the nations. Others on my list: Australia, Dominican Republic, Panama.

In the Mariana Trench.

Just once.

I think it would be good to see MLB games in countries like Cuba, Dominican Republic, Venezuela. Not sure it will happen, especially if the goal is to *expand *MLB’s horizons. I mean, baseball is already popular in those countries. I think South Korea or Australia would be cool, too.
But if MLB wants to reach affluent areas where baseball is not popular, the obvious answer is Europe. France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, anywhere in Europe, really.

Australia would make sense. I watch the Australian Baseball League on YouTube during winter. It helps me get through the -50 F windchills.

But, they would probably have to make it exhibition games to get warm weather. Spring training is too long these days but it’s also a cash cow for the Arizona and Florida cities that host it. With the long flight to and from, it would probably require a team to be gone for at least a week, so that’s quite a dent in the spring training schedule.

Dodgers and Diamondbacks played in Australia in late March 2014 that counted as regular season games.

Barkis is Willin’:

Or perhaps Dubai.