Where the Hell is the news about the fires!!!!???

I live in Sacramento, I used to live in SoCal. I’m sitting here raging in frustrated anxiousness because none of the local television stations are providing anything close to adequate coverage of the fact that seemingly half our fucking state is on fire! Two of my best friends and their families have been evacuated from their homes and I can’t get ahold of them. I’m having to rely upon the 5 minute news snippets on CNN and a San Diego radio station webcast, and the evening newscast is recycling the same information. From what I can glean from the news is at least one of those friends is now homeless.:frowning: I need more information! Would it fucking kill the local stations to simulcast the coverage from their sister affiliates from down state, instead of running the usual Sunday afternoon TV crap? This is provincialism at it’s worst, maybe those that think we should split the state in two are thinking upon the right lines, because apparently those in power here in Sacto don’t seem to give a crap about what’s happening to their fellow Californians elsewhere.

You might try the SD union Tribune site for San Diego news. It has been slow all day. But basically the news here in SD says that it is basically the eastern edge of San Diego that is burning. Here in San Diego the local stations have had fire coverage all day long. Is there a particular area you want to know about?


The National Interagency Fire Center is always a good spot to look for wildland fire news.

St. Urho

You might try tuning into KFI – I think their broadcast reaches you that far north, but if it doesn’t, you can listen live at http://www.kfi640.com/interactive/streaming.html From what I can tell, they’re focusing 100% of their broadcast to fire coverage. They’ve got reporters right at the fire lines and at the evacuation stations. Matt Drudge is on right now and he’s seems as pissed off as you about the lack of coverage elsewhere (particularly the AP).

Hope your friends are ok. Drudge just said there are 700 houses gone! We’re in South Redondo Beach, at least 60 miles from the fires and I’ve been unable to breathe all day. My nose and eyes are burning like mad. You can see ashes swirling around in the air and everything even this far away is covered with a blanket of ash and soot. It’s hotter than hell, and the smell is unbelievable! I can’t begin to imagine how bad it is closer to where the fires are actually burning.

I hope when they find the fuckstick(s) who did this, that they suffer the worst sentence available for every possible crime they can be charged with. (I’d wish for them to be nailed to a stake and burned alive, but I’d have the wrath of compassionate dopers all over my ass in a heartbeat, so we’ll just leave it at I hope they suffer and suffer badly.)

Check the San Vernandino Sun news:

Progression of the fire in this 3d map:

As for October 24:
Then just yesterday:

Those maps are from Incident Control that has a good page of fire progress and alerts: http://www.incidentcontrol.com/grandprix/index.html

Yikes! It is worse in the latest maps, and that is only the mayor fire, they’re 6 others going on around SoCal right now!

At least two relatives’ homes are in the evacuation areas, I complained before I was having a hell of an October but this is getting ridiculous!

There is now MANDATORY evacuation orders for:
Glen Helen - North side of I15
Cajon Canyon towards Blue Cut
Devore & Devore Heights - All the way up Muscoy Area
Claremont North of Baseline & Claraboya (Palmer Canyon-Padua Hills Thompson Creek) La Verne - North Side of Live Oak Reservoir (Esperanza & Stevens Ranch Rd)

As the only bit of good news: it looks like Cucamonga (Yes! there is a Cucamonga) is out of the recently imposed evacuation mandate:

Shoot, the fire is like 1 mile from my fucking houes and even I don’t know what’s going on. (Ok, maybe more like 2 or 3. But it’s not just the eastern edge of San Diego burning. San Bernadino is burning merry hell.)

I hope my friends are ok.

pepperlandgirl I hope you and yours stay ok. I’ll say a prayer for your friends.

If it’s that close, you should be outta there! Do y’all have fire/police updates? Hell, just get in your car and go. Good luck!

I’m looking at the info right now, and basically they are only evacuating north of Baseline. We are a few miles south of Baseline…and I haven’t heard/seen anything that said that they want us to clear out too.

Unfortunately the 210 and the 15 are both closed in this area. I have no idea how people are leaving…guess they’re all sitting on the 10.

I guess this is obvious, but if you have water pressure (and are advised that it’s OK to do so by the fire dept.) hose down your roof, even if you’re not in the path of the fire. Stay safe, y’all!

Pepper, if you are still reading this, get the car packed up right now. They may want you to get out on VERY short notice.

Yep, I hear the coverage outside of our immediate area sucks. We have friends whose house burned to the ground last night while they are in Baltimore, and they can’t get much news.

This is such a nightmare- 16 people dead, over 700 homes destroyed.

Has this posted twice? I am having server problems here…

Oh, and Johnny LA heard that one of the fires was started by a signal flare fired by a lost hunter…

WHAT?!? You freaking idiot!!! Did you notice all those dead trees? No, I’m sure you were too busy to bone up on the current environmental status of your hunting ground. Have you ever heard of this beetle infestation we had that killed… oh hell, never mind.

I am this close to wishing a really bad end to someone’s existence.

Ok we’re packing up the car and I have a feeling that we’re not going to get any sleep tonight due to the relative fear and paranoia…On the bright side, the Santa Ana winds have stopped or slowed down, giving the fire fighters a bit of a break.

From here

I first heard a report on the news last night about these looters. It’s been haunting me ever since. The arsonist(s) (which I just don’t understand how anyone can do that!) haven’t taken enough away… homes, unreplacable things, pets. The wildlife are loosing their lives and/or homes; the beauty of the mountains, etc. etc. etc. The list is soooo long! But then there are people out there stealing from these poor people.



Hang the fucknuggets up by their testicles and call it a pinata.

I live in Santa Clarita. The fires up here were really worrying all of us on Friday, but then the Santa Anas tamed a bit and gave the tankers a little break. The one in Ventura is very troubling. And apparently, one fire jumped the 126 and started a bigger one.

Mrs. B and I were driving back the 210 on Thursday. The ridge fire on the Cajon Pass was moving rapidly and the helos were dribbling tiny buckets to make a break. We could see the flames jumping across the hill.

Yesterday we left for Phoenix and drove the 210, but it was closed to the 15 so we jumped off to the 10 through Rancho Cucamonga. The smoke was incredible. At one point, night descended and all of the buildings and shops had a weird red glow. We looked at each other and we had this sandstone-sepia tint to our skins. The sign for El Torito shone eerily out of the darkness. At one point, Mrs. B let out a holler at the sun; it was shifting blood red, then hot pink, then international orange.

There were little pots of flame up on the hills. Another new fire was springing up to the south.

By tonight when we passed back through heading west, the new fire was very large and over the hills. The original fire, to the north, was popping over the mountain. We saw at least six flaming areas.

For the Dopers not familiar with the area: all of these places, with the exception of Ventura, are absolutely crawling with people, homes and businesses. In many cases, homes are a quarter-mile from the major flames.

Local news coverage is sparse and friendly. Will advise after the 11 p.m. news.

pepperlandgirl: the freeways were fairly clear as of 6:30 tonight. I hope your family and home are safe.

Thank God our kids are at my mom’s, the air is a lot better at the beach than even a few miles inland.

This just sucks.

What is the deal with this media selectivity?

If I didn’t read and post here, I wouldn’t have known that Memphis had a hurricane until the tail end of their power shortage. The whole freakin’ country was wringing their hands about Isabel from the moment she was classified as a hurricane—and that seems to be the only reason Memphis got any coverage at all. “It’s gonna be pretty bad for Florida if Isabel hits dead-on…kinda like what’s happening in Memphis right now! Y’all know about that, right? I think we mentioned it…”

And a speed reader would think that July’s power outage affected NYC and only NYC. There’s a Pit thread about that, that I don’t have time to search for: “New York New York New York New York Toronto, parts of Ohio, eastern PA New York New York New York New York New York New York New York…”

Thanks for all the web sites, information is what I wanted, and the SDMB came through. My friend lived in Scripps Ranch, and I managed to get ahold of him just as he and his family were headed out the door to evacuate. He could see the flames on the ridge above his home, and he sounded very distressed. His home overlooks a brushy canyon, and he said it’s likely the fire will march right through there to his home. I haven’t heard from him since (this was late last night). Here’s hoping that all the others in harm’s way make it through this safely.

Well, despite what Rilchiam says, here in Y we are hearing nothing but the CA fires. Frotn page of the NY Times, lead story on our local news, and of course on the Internet news services.

My grandparents house in Alpine was missed by 50 ft. and my cousins in Lakeside have one of only two houses on the street that haven’t been reduced to ash. Currently they and some friends are camped at my parents in Chula Vista, watching the fire from the other side of Otay Lake. Nobody hurt and everyone’s relieve that it hasn’t been quite as catastrophic as up in Ramona and San Bernadino. It’s difficult to find accurate information for some people, everyone seems to think the fire is right on top of them because of the huge amount of smoke.