Where to buy cheap frames that fit movie posters?

For some insane reason, the real (and replica) movie posters you can buy online are a non-standard size. Instead of standard poster size, 24" x 36", they are usually 27" x 40". (Actually, I suppose it’s a standard for movie posters, but that doesn’t really help me.) That’s a big enough difference that any standard cheap poster frame you can buy doesn’t fit. It’s also big enough that getting it professionally framed is exorbitant, usually more than the poster cost in the first place!

So, does anyone know a source, preferably online, for reasonably priced poster frames that are that larger size? It seems like this is a niche that would have been filled, but so far I’ve been unsuccessful.

Find Ikea USA (Google) and see their online service. They have great poster frames in several sizes.