Where to dowload TOAW 3?

I wanted to buy The Operational Art of War 3, but I can’t find it, except on the publisher’s site (Matrix Games) for € 35 , which seems vastly overpriced for a game released in 2006.

Does anybody know if it’s sold elsewhere in downloadable format?
Thanks in advance.

A quick look says that the publisher is the only place to legally download the game. It is available on torrents but I wouldn’t recommend that.

And yeah it is expensive, but so is the boxed version. You would figure a 6 year old game would have dropped in price, at least a little. There must still be decent demand for it.

They did update the graphics in a patch, so it looks a bit more modern. But yeah, it’s a hex-based war game, which makes it a niche product, which makes the price suck.

Yep, welcome to niche gaming. They know they’re just about the only supplier for the demand, and price accordingly.