Where to find a new, good, small TV-VCR?

Seems VHS-format videocassette recorders are going the way of the dodo and the eight-track tape, but… I want to get a new, small, good-quality combined one-unit TV-VCR with no more than a few square feet “footprint” for atop my bedroom dresser. Any suggestions? If the vendor can ship to NE Ohio, so much the better.


I think the “new” part will be the problem. As far as I can tell, the only VCRs currently being made are combined with DVD recorders, but not TVs.

Amazon turns up a used 13-inch one for $229; for that price you could get a new 22-inch LCD and scrounge up an old VCR somewhere.

I suspect you’re right, but I gotta ask.

The problem is VCRs have to have a digital tuner in them to be sold. You can get a video cassette player easier because they don’t need a tuner

Any reason it has to be new?



Well, I’d prefer new, just to be sure I wasn’t being sold some shoddy used ol’ gadget, but thanks for the Craigslist entries. That’s good to know.

Ah, I dig. But then again, for $20-40 a pop vs. $229 for something new, you should be able to find at least one that works well before having wasted money!

I like buying outdated technology. I get the sense that it’s most likely not going to be broken - just un-used. We got our Atari 2600 when the NES came out, and ended up with a perfectly good machine for very cheap. People were getting rid of them just because they’d bought something new. I’m sure the same goes for older iPods, Walkmans, VCRs and TVs.

You could also try thrift shops. I got a few VCRs from them a while back for $10 each.

I’d advise against the combos. They work and they’re in neat little package, but the problem is the VCR is going to die long before the TV or DVD player.

Definitely! Never buy any display that incorporates any mechanical media playback, VCR or DVD. That goes double for “Home Theater In A Box” devices that combine the receiver with a DVD player. The mechanical always fails first.