Where to find diesel engines?

I’m looking to acquire a diesel engine and put it in the vehicle body of my choice (I’m hoping to make the vegetable oil conversion). Where can I find diesel engines (used or new)? Do manufacturers still produce and sell engines for older models? That is, would nissan be of any help in locating an early 80’s nissan diesel engine? Are there companies out there that offer these engines? Also, any recommendations on best engines? I’m looking for something that is reliable and also relatively easy to work on.

Have you shopped your local junk yards? Even if they do not have it, there is a good chance that they could locate one for you? This would probably be the most cost efficient way. From what I have heard, it could be very expensive to even attempt to go through the dealership, compared to the overall value of the car.

The best way is to search online to see if you can find someone selling an old model car you are looking for, or just hit the junk yards.

I’ve gone the salvage yard route a number of times, but in this area diesel vehicles can be a bit hard to find there. I was hoping somebody knew of some source for just the engines, which might give me some more options. Thanks for the suggestions, though.

I seriously doubt that you could find a complete engine from Nissan. The Asain car makers as a rule do not support their vehicles as long as say the Europeans. Add to that the fact that Nissan never sold that many diesels in the US, I doubt that they have complete engines available.
Find a used car with a trashed body / interior but still runs good. If you can find a Peugot 505 turbo diesel, they had an excellent engine, and they probably have a market value of $1.95.