Where to find list of model shoots? Both generally and specifically.

Not that I’m a pervert or anything, but I very much want to find pictures of Sam Grey either naked or topless. There is one image that I have found, but it seems to me that there really ought to be a database somewhere, quite possibly proprietary and not accessible to the public, where those in the fashion industry can get access to all the shoots a model has done.

So, in the general sense - is there any such database anyone is aware of? And in the more specific sense, has anyone any idea whether any such photographs exist and if so where I might find them?

I have no idea how the fashion industry works. But you might want to go straight to the source and contact her agent. Your Wiki link has an IMDB link, and one of the options there (via IMDBpro) is to contact her agent.

I have a bad feeling they ignore perverts