Where to get free video content?


I am wondering where to get free video content, that I can distribute freely (for non-commercial reasons). I want to provide, on my website, videos encoded to work with my cellphone, for other users of this phone.

I have sent a mail to Apple asking if I can rip off all their trailers :wink: but I am guessing they are going to say no, and anyhow, .mov is in this case a hard format to work with.

Does anyone know the legality of distributing trailers? I am thinking who can it hurt, they are adverts no? All the major distributors are putting out their trailers through Apple anyhow, so much of it will, I guess, hang on them. I thought of student filmmakers, but that is a little too much effort, I donโ€™t want to put all my time into this.

Anyone know of any other free, distributable video sources?

appernently parody laws permit you to do anything as long as you make it clearly a joke, but someone may still sue you so be careful

Probably in the newsgroups. You can find free anything in the multimedia newsgroups. They have a bit of anything. Youโ€™d have to learn how to use them. Search the net for how to use newsgroups.