Where to get pictures of the 2003 G8 Summit?

Someone just sent us a photograph taken at the June 1–3 2003 G8 Summit, with Bush, Blair, and a whole passel of leaders sitting around a conference table. It was sent to us because a colleague noticed that right smack in front of everyone was a brochure we put together. :smiley:

Unfortunately, despite the piece being right in front of every attendee, it’s not easy to see the cover from the photograph. In other words, it’s not the greatest publicity picture. However, given that it’s from the G8 Summit, we assume that there were loads of photos taken by loads of official and unofficial photographers. Searches at various stock agencies isn’t panning out. Email sent to comments@whitehouse.gov hasn’t been answered. Messenger pigeons have been eaten by anti-globalization protestors.

Now what? Any suggestions as to who or what agency to contact to describe and possibly help with the research? I get that there is probably a lot of pictures from that year with several leaders sitting around a conference table, but where do we turn to start narrowing down the list of meetings?



Yes. Send a snail-mail letter, on your business letterhead, to the State Department, not the White House, since it’s the State Department that organizes it.

As to “where” in the State Department, I have no idea, but if it was me, I’d read through this on “Doing Business With The State Department”, and see if there’s contact information in there, since you’re going to want them to give you a copy of that photo, for you to use in your business, so in effect, you’re doing business with the State Dept.

ETA: I’m betting that when you get to the end of your long and lonely journey to throw the ring into the volcano, that you’ll find that State will refuse you permission to use the photo, since they’d have to get permission from every head of state featured in it, unless they’re going to give you a heavily cropped image with no heads, in which case what would be the point of using it in “Our brochure went to the Summit!” publicity, if all that’s surrounding it is a bunch of headless guys in suits?