Where to go on honeymoon?

Doper travellers of the world, please help me and my fiancee decide on a suitable honeymoon destination! We are lucky enough with our budget that we have too much choice available rather than not enough, and we need some help narrowing it down, ideally from people who have visited the areas in question. The requirements are: nice beaches, a few things to go and see/do, sun, warmth, and a nice hotel. We are going for two weeks at the beginning of November and will be flying from the UK, so would ideally go for something where there is a direct flight - this gives us scope from Sri Lanka in the east to Mexico in the west.

So far we have looked at Sri Lanka, the Maldives, the Seychelles (probably too expensive), Mauritius, the Caribbean (chiefly Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia, and Dominican Republic - we have ruled out Jamaica and Cuba), and Mexico (Yucatan peninsula). The budget is about £4,000 total for an all-inclusive break, plus a bit on top for spending money.

Each place has its advantages and disadvantages, but there is nothing like a bit of personal knowledge so please help out if you can, thank you!

My friends went to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic and had a great time.

My husband and I spent Christmas and New Year in the Maldives, and it was the most beautiful, romantic, awesomely wonderful place we’d ever been to, and perfect for honeymooners. There not a huge amount to do though, apart from sunbathing, snorkeling and so on. But for a romantic, relaxing couple of weeks, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

I highly recommend the Sandy Lane Resortin Barbados.

Thanks for the responses so far!

Good username/repsonse combo :). This is certainly one of the options we are looking at, but my fiancee is, for some reason, worried that it will not feel “special enough” for a honeymoon. Personally, I think this is rubbish, but she is the boss after all :). Are there likely to be any problems with the proximity to Haiti? I would also welcome the opportunity to speak a little Spanish, so that is a plus.

Sounds good. The other slight downside which I didn’t mention is that one of my friends married one of her friends last year, and they honeymooned in the Maldives, so it might be a bit “copycat”. Also, if I went there I think I would like to spend a “busy” week touring around Sri Lanka, followed by a “relaxing” week in the Maldives. Unfortunately, our budget doesn’t really allow for that this time, so I was thinking of saving this for a future holiday - perhaps our 5 year anniversary?!

I’m sure, but I suspect it is a little out of our price range! Also, you run the risk of running in to Michael Winner and/or Simon Cowell - I understand that both are regular visitors. Of all the people I would want to see on my honeymoon, they would rank slightly above, say, Colonel Gadaffi, but well below almost everyone else :).

Anyone else?

Our honeymoon was in the Canadian Maritimes (Nova Scotia/PEI) which was lovely and has beaches but I wouldn’t recommend in November :).

El Hubbo and I went to Roatan for our “10.5” trip in February. (10 year anniversary was last August; we went to a tropical location February because the weather sucks much more here then than in August.)

It was fantastic. We rented a villa from VRBO.com, but there are all-inclusive resorts and such in the area. There are other things to do, but activities are primarily centered around diving and snorkeling. We didn’t do much other than sit on the beach and drink, and go to the store as necessary for food and such.

Loved it. There are some caveats, though.

[li]While Roatan’s economy centers around tourism, Honduras is a third world country and you should be aware of that. Most natives live in poverty, and there is crime (though mostly negligible, definitely far less than in my own city).[/li][li]The cruise companies have spent a great deal of money putting in their various docks on the south side of the island. The beaches on the western side can be swamped when the cruise ships are at port.[/li][/ul]

I’d absolutely go back. The advantage of renting our own villa was privacy. Sure, we had to cook our own stuff, but the beach was all our own. And even the cooking was relaxing, because we could do it whenever and still be all on our own. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and at good value.

Niagra Falls!
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Virgin Islands – either U.S. or British. High standard of living for the natives, but not outrageously expensive. Beautiful to breathtaking surroundings and a some fun things to do, notably taking the ferry boat to other nearby Virgin Islands and seeing the sights there. Some form of English is spoken everywhere, by everyone. Snorkeling, sailing, hiking in national parks, a little bit of history to absorb and old buildings to tour.

St. Lucia has some exquisite resorts - some perhaps out of your price range - such as Ladera and Jade Mountain / Anse Chastenet. I’ve never stayed at either, but saw Anse Chastenet from afar and it looked beautiful. The island is gorgeous as well.

Another more out of the way recommendation is Bequia in the Grenadines. Much smaller than St. Lucia of course, much less to do, but very casual and friendly.

French Polynesia…because I’ve always wanted to go there and haven’t yet made it, and you could tell me about it when you get back.

We had an awesome trip to Mauritius and a side trip to Reunion Island; of the two we think we preferred Reunion better - more spectacular scenery, lots more activities etc and more investment by the French Government (Reunion is considered part of the EU and funded accordingly). Mauritius is also lovely with great resorts, but poorer when you get out and about, and slightly less to do. Both have a great mix of cultures - French, Indian, Creole and English which makes the food amazing. Surf and scuba/snorkling can be done off both while Reunion has great hikes, mountainbiking and other extreme sport type stuff to do.

We flew from Australia, but pretty sure you can get direct flights to each from either the UK or France.