where to hide my security camera

I just bought a security camera pretty cheap. One of the cooler purchases I’ve made in a while. The camera itself is about the size of a quarter with a little wire attached that is the antenna.
Extending on the other end is a short wire which can be plugged into either the adapter that came with it…which converts a nine volt battery into power for the camera…or a plug to power the camera. it is a wireless camera.

I live in an apartment on the first floor. The receiver for the camera is in my room, attached to the TV there… I’m placing the camera out front in the living room and kitchen area. it’s a one-bedroom apartment.

this picture of equipment is almost identical
now, I want to be able to view the door… my door is similar to this door

(ironic that it’s a police station and I’m worried about security) I post this to show you that there are windows on my door similar to ones shown. my door is almost identical. I also have two big windows to the left of the door with Venetian blinds.

now here’s where I want opinions: I would like to be able to see who is at the door,who is around the area, and my car…I’ve been broken into before so I want to take some precautions.typically I park my car directly in front of my door. so here is the question:

how do I disguise the little camera so that it is able to sit or rest against the window…on the door or actual windows doesn’t matter…I don’t know how to disguise it. Any ideas? What would not be suspicious to surround the little camera with? anything randomly sitting against a window will attract attention. I don’t want that.

by the way: this is mainly for when I’m away for the weekend. I hide my TiVo and have it record… I’m not paranoid, just safe since I’ve been broken into before. also, how cool would it be to be able to see who is at your door? you don’t have to get up if its the annoying guy who lives upstairs!what do you think?

one more thing: I will be getting one for my room as well… but first I just wanted to give a single camera a try to see how it works…it works well

1 - Hide it in a wreath or some other hanging door decoration.

2 - Get horizontal blinds and put the camera in the space between the individual blinds

3 - Fuck Opal.

Time moves on I guess.

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