Where to sell/donate used books in Los Angeles

I’m trying to clear out the clutter from my apartment, and I find that I have too many books. Yes, yes, I know, it’s blasphemy to say that, but I’ve just don’t have enough space for all of them and yet I can’t bear to throw them in the trash.

I’m looking for suggetions for how to get them out of my apartment and into the hands of folks who might enjoy them.

I went to a used bookstore on Highland but the guy there told me he doesn’t buy second hand books anymore–only rare first editions, etc.–because ebay, amazon, etc. “killed” (in his words) the second hand book market.

I’m planning to give the Iliad bookstore (new location on Cahuenga) a try.

If there were a place that would give me store credit for them, that would be my first choice, but I’d also be happy to donate them. I don’t really want to deal with a yard sale due to the time and effort involved.

Some of these books (about two boxes worth) are casebooks from law school. The rest are just second hand books I’ve picked up in my travels: some novels, some history and general nonfiction books, etc. Most are in decent condition but none are first editions or anything like that.

Anyway, suggestions appreciated.

Any of several public libraries, maybe. For the text books, try shopping them around the local schools. You won’t get any money, but at least you’ll be trying to find a good home for them.

I was in a similar situation a few years ago and went to or called 5 different used book stores. All were as you found - no interest if it weren’t rare. I ended up dropping off 6 large boxes of books to the Goodwill donation center. They were happy to take them. I’d imagine the Salvation Army would take them as well. Not sure about the libraries.