Where were you when the Gulf War was declared?

I was in my dorm room in a small college in Pittsburgh, making out with a guy. We had the TV on for background noise, and he’d just gotten to the point of unzipping my dress when Tom Brokaw came on to announce that we were officially at war.

Mr. X called off what we were doing on the grounds that it “wouldn’t be right.”

Mr. Rilch, today: You gotta be kidding. That’s the perfect opportunity right there!

Me: Eh, it’s just as well. He turned out to be a total loon.

Mr. Rilch: He must have been!

So what were you guys doing? Also, how many of you suddenly remembered, that weekend, how to get to your church/synagogue after a long absence (as I did)?

I was drinking a pint of ESB at The Black Lab with a business friend. A guy walked into the bar and said, “We’re at war!”

…But the Gulf War was never “declared.” It just sorta…happened.

Like Billy Bob and Angelina.

I was getting laid.

Before my husband and I were married, we got an apartment that needed fixing up. We were there painting the place and we stopped painting and started having fun instead. We had the radio on at the time, when it was announced.

We just kept on going.

I was sitting in the living room of billetting on Wurtsmith AFB, MI. We had only just arrived there from Japan. When the TV cut to scenes of tracer fire, I called Bluesman, and we just sat there and watched the war. It was the most surreal thing I’d ever seen.

I think I must have seen it on TV, because I wrote about it in my diary that evening.

And I was only 8, so I was definitely not gettin’ it on. :smiley:

I was sitting in a college dorm room, talking with my roommate who was in Navy ROTC.

Last I heard, he was on a tour of duty out in the Pacific. Wonder if he’s going to be taking part in Gulf War II.

I was driving a pick-up route for work. My co-driver had just stopped at a red light, and the news came on the radio. For whatever reason, I just froze. The idea that we were going to war blew me away.

I was in a hotel room in Yermo, California. I was staying there because my wife had kicked me out of the house.

I awoke in the middle of the night, still half drunk, to the sounds of CNN broadcasting the first strikes.

Okay, so from this, the official start was Aug. 7, 1990. I was probably playing outside, completely oblivious.

(I was nine years old and about to start fifth grade, if I’m figuring correctly.)

I was 9, also. I was probably doing a puzzle with my mom. We did a lot of puzzles during the Gulf War, because there was never anything good on TV.

Let’s see…August of 1990? I don’t have a clear memory of it, but I know I was babysitting my then seven-year-old brother, like I did every day during the summers. The whole war is rather fuzzy in my mind (I was 13 at the time) so only vivid memories about the whole thing were: 1. my mother ignored us most of the year and shushed us whenever the news was on, which was always 2. we got dragged to a lot of Support The Troops rallies 3. I worried that my older cousin, who was in the army, would be sent over there.

I was in the living room watching TV, and got quite upset.

I was at work in the library, alone with a teenaged boy in the magazine room. And he did, in fact, try to take advantage of the moment by pointing out that Iraqi forces could be unleashing chemical death in our little library right that very moment, and this was therefore a time to live in the now.

Oddly enough, I was not persuaded.

I was working at the Dollar Store folding socks when I heard it on the radio. Ok, it is funny, but hey, I was a Sr. in HS and needed the extra cash at the time. lol

I was in the Gramercy Park hotel bar (which some freind of mine were obsessed with at the time, I guess because of the cheesy piano player and the free goldfish crackers). We ordered another round.

I agree with Mr. Rilch. Hearing war declared is a reason to have sex as soon as possible if you aren’t already, hardly a reason to stop.

I can remember where I was and who I was with when Reagan was shot, when the hostages were first taken in Iran, when Challenger went down, and when the Berlin wall fell. I can even vividly recall when I first heard that Phil Hartman was dead.

But for the life of me can’t remember a single thing about the Gulf War. Weird. I may have been stoned a lot in 1990.

I was in Germany, just moved there for what would be 3 years as a civilian on a Canadian Military base (CFB Lahr). I was 9 years old. I don’t remember the START of the war, but during the war we occasionally had bomb-checks and car searches whenever we went on base or on the Kaserne, and there were military patrols through all the PMQs (20 people or so all together all over town). We had 4 military personnel on our schoo buses - two at the front and two at the back to protect us children going to school. My school had guards placed at the gates, and there were dozens of personnel walking around the campus, inside the building, and even on the roof.

I have a VERY vivid memory of writing a math test on Long Division in grade 4, and looking up to the small windows at the top of one wall and watching a pair of combat boots walk up to each other, then walk back the way they each came.

I also remember the "stand-down"at the end of the war. There was a HUGE celebration (as big or bigger than Canada day!) on-base to welcome back all the people from the base who had been gone. A lot of my classmates went without their moms or dads for a long time, and so that day was extra special for them. I’m not a military brat, so thankfully I didn’t have the worry a lot of them did.

It was scary. Its scary now.

I was helping my friend work on his girlfriend’s honda (piece of crap). Grilfriend’s mom came home crying. I thought girlfriend was hurt or something.
Oh is that all?
We didn’t have TV so we listened to it on the radio all evening.

I was at work, on the evening shift. I remember it well because during the evening shift work was pretty quiet - none of the constant paging/PA announcements we’d get on the day shift. So when the announcement came in over the PA that we were officially At War, it hit me hard. I was leaving for dinner or to go out for a cigarette, I remember exactly where I was (by the door) when the announcement came.