Where Will You Spend Eternity?

My parents are physicians, and I made it clear to my mother at a very early age (6, I think) that if I died I wanted my organs donated, and for my cadaver to be given to a teaching hospital or similar institution in the interest of medical science.

I’m getting married to my girlfriend/fiancee of 6 years in May, and the topic had never really come up until last week. When I told her I wanted my body donated to medical science she was horrified - she’s a semi-lapsed Methodist and believes in an afterlife; I’m effectively an atheist.

So, yeah, if they want to cut off something like a finger, and cremate it, I’m cool with that, but frankly, I don’t much care what happens to my body after I die. After all, I’m not going to need it.

What about you?

I want my organs donated and my body cremated. I’m ambivalent about my corpse going to medical science, but only because I just know the med students are going to give me an insulting nickname. Little bastards. :mad:

Grimaffe Wormtongue, perhaps.

I’ve been cold most of my life, so my organs are getting handed out and what’s left is getting cremated. Mmmm, toasty warm.

I’m registered for organ donation, so I may get around a bit, possibly even more than I have in life (I’m not that well travelled).

I’m with La Jirafa here. I’d prefer to be cremated, but I’d like to have any usable leftover parts go to people who can use them first.

I clicked buried, but I would want to donate any organs worth having before I was interred.

I was discussing this with my husband last night. I plan to go into one of the family plots (there are spaces available in my great-grandparents graves, where my gran and granddad will also be buried, or with my parents assuming they go before me). My husband is horrified by the whole concept of putting more than one body in the same grave, but would accept a family crypt. We don’t have one, and I can’t see us coming into enough money to get one… so he’s just going to have to share with me and like it!

I’ve given specific instructions to my fiance that when I die I am to be cremated and scattered someplace awesome. Take me to Fiji or Paris or the Isle of Skye or somewhere and scatter me there so that my ashes can spend eternity in an amazing location. He wants to be cremated and buried under a rose bush in Central Park or someplace similar so that people can visit his “grave site” but that way he doesn’t leave a corpse behind.

The Isle of Skye is not particularly awesome, unless you’re, like, way into Bonnie Prince Charlie or something.

Organs donated, cremated, ashes scattered off shores of Martha’s Vineyard.

Hey, may as well spend all eternity on vacation, right?

Harvested for usable parts, the rest cremated. It seems to be the popular option here.

I’m not sentimental and never understood the point of wasting all that money on embalming and a fancy casket.

Same same. Re-use anything that still works, bbq the rest. The wife has stated that she plans to keep my ashes on the mantle in an urn wearing a Hawaiian shirt cozy.


I guess you could say I want to donate my body to science, but I chose “other.” I want to be mummified and ritually entombed for scientists 1000+ years in the future. A human time capsule.

There is no option for wanting to be embalmed and enclosed in a glass box for millions of visitors in a monumental tomb… like Lenin, Mao, Kim Il Sung and Ho Chi Minh.


I want to be stuffed and taken out partying.

I put “cremated,” though in truth I’d rather my death set in motion a chain of events that ended with the Earth exploding and a single infant being sent off to a planet orbiting a blue-sun, there to become that world’s greatest villain.

That would be “other.”

You forgot an option for “don’t care/don’t know”. I’m an organ donor, but other than that, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t really give a damn.

I plan to live for evar.

I hope to provide at least a week’s worth of tasty nibbles for a feral cat colony.

Actually, I am an organ donor, but beyond that…don’t know, won’t care. My mom had hysterics upon finding out that I might be a tissue donor. Apparently that leaves your corpse looking a lot ickier than other types of donation. :rolleyes: