Where would I find a REALLY expensive computer on the net?

The most expensive regular computer(meaning not a server or a supercomputer that couldn’t be used for “regular” purposes) is the Compaq Alphaserver Series workstations. I am looking for extremely expensive comps for a class. Only problem is that I assume these are sold very personally and they aren’t really displayed on the web, know what I mean? Anyway, thanks.

What price range?

My personal computer cost about $2200, while the two at my parents’ house cost about $4000.

I know that video editing platforms cost about $5-10000.

Some over $5,000 here. Plenty to search.

Well, Sun’s Ultra 80 Workstation ranges from $12,995 to $16,995 (US Dollars).

sgi’s workstations are very pretty, but I couldn’t find prices in my brief look around…

Was that the kind of thing you’re looking for?

i’ll sell you mine for a million dollars. gladly.


just curious, but why would you need expensive comps as opposed to ones that suit your requirements in terms of performance ?

Depends on what you want to use the computer for. The latest and greatest in any area can be extremely expensive. For instance…at http://www.myinfinity.com they sell a 300gb hard drive for about $3600. I’m sure you could find video cards upwards of $5000. Depends on if your gonna be using your computer for storage or graphics rendering.

This press release says the base price for an Octane V8 system is $24,995. That only includes a 9GB disk and one CPU, so I imagine it takes a lot more money to make the system useful. The press release is dated June last year though - price may have come down a bit, but it still seems to be a current model.

Here you go. IBM’s model 270 4-way CAE Analysis workstation is $63,737.10.

My usual commission is 10%. I take Paypal.

Whoops. Meant to say, IBM’s RS/6000 7044 model 270.

If you’re asking about a ‘normal’ desktop PC and not the extreme machines others have posted to then try Falcon Northwest. These guys build some of the rockingest computers for home use on the planet.

This particular system costs $5,885. What is really funny about these guys is what they did to PC magazines asking them to send their best systems for review. Most companies just yanked their top end system off the shelf and sent it. Falcon built a machine to ridiculous specs and shipped that. The reviewers noted that while the machine was stupidly expensive and over the top the guys and gals at Falcon did take them at their word and sent the BEST machine they could muster (and likewise walked away with the top award for best PC since cost wasn’t a defined consideration for those reports). Over the years I have seen Falcon send systems with RAIDs running on them and most recently they sent one with a fantastic flat panel display that alone cost some $8,000 (or so).

In short, if you can think of it these guys can build it.

Well I was able to configure a Dell Precision Workstation 530 up to $47,785.84 without half trying.

It is a pretty screaming machine too. Dual 2GHz Xeon Processors, 4GB RDRAM, 4 73 GB Drivs in a raid array, a Wildcat II 5110 video card, Gigabit Ethernet, and dual flatpanel 20" monitors. Of course I added a nice tape backup and warranty as well, but I didn’t bother putting any printers or other accessories on. Obviously this machine would be for a high end graphic designer, or someone with similar power needs.

I imagine it would run Civ III fairly well. :slight_smile:

If you want to play with the configuration go to: http://www.dell.com/us/en/biz/products/model_precn_precn_530.htm and customize one for yourself.

I think you can find “workstations” that go into the $100,000 range as well, but these are unlikely to have online configurators.

And they say Macs are expensive :stuck_out_tongue:
(anything is, if you outfit it to the proverbial nines. That Dell sounds pretty sweet)

Well, I went on Compaq.com and looked up the alpha workstations, I configured one with 1 terabyte of storage and 4 processors. It cost lik 327 thousand. Is that the most expensive workstation I could find?

You want a neat gaming machine? Check out the guys at http://www.alienware.com . They can take $10,000 of you Earth dollars and send you a system. You’ll need to supply your own monitor (Samsung make a neat 24" widescreen LCD for $6000)

kgriffey79, I could sell you my computer for $25M I throw in a printer for free. So I win so far.