Where would I post a poll to gather opinions on troll/not troll?

There’s a certain type of thread that pops up very regularly and reeks of trolling (to me). Brand new poster, typically an ingenue asking for advice about a personal issue, usually relationship related. Garners responses, sympathy, mild controversy, the OP only interacts with some people in that thread, and once the thread runs its course, disappears.

Rinse, repeat.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed the pattern but these threads still get a fair number of responses, so I was wondering how the percentages break down.

I was thinking of satisfying my curiosity by linking to a thread, and asking people if they think it’s a troll and don’t respond, think it’s not a troll and respond, think it’s a troll but respond anyway etc.

Given the rules against accusations of trolling outside the pit, where would I make such a poll? Ideally it would be in MPSIMS/IMHO since that’s the natural habitat of those threads.

Since your poll itself would be an accusation of trolling, that’s not gonna work in any forum outside of the Pit.

I think you’d be ok in the Pit, but I’m not a Pit mod, so don’t take my word on it.

Is it quite so clear cut that it is an accusation though? I’m asking if people think X thread is trolling or not. I can leave my personal opinion out of the OP. The poll responses would be anonymous. It isn’t an accusation. It’s a canvassing of opinion. Plus, it’s not in the thread itself, so there’s no threat of derailment.

The reason I want to put it in the forums where these threads pop up is so I get a more representative sample. I think the poll would be even less representative than polls usually are if I put it in the pit.

Would it make a difference if instead of linking to a specific thread, I linked to, say, five and asked about the general style of threads that those examples represent, instead of those specific threads?

People would post in the thread, to explain or defend their opinions. I don’t see any way that could end well.

Answering “yes” is equivalent to saying “I think it’s a troll”. That’s an accusation of trolling. I can’t imagine why anyone would think this would work anywhere other than the Pit.

I don’t think that there is any way to ask the question outside the Pit without it being an accusation of trolling.

If you want opinions on a particular thread you could start a Pit thread with a link (without a direct accusation of trolling) in the original thread.

In my personal opinion, I think that at least 95% of such threads (and maybe all) are bogus. However, unless they overtly violate our rules, or are too outlandish, or there is evidence of socking or cross-posting to other forums, we generally let them run. Posters are free to respond or not (within the rules) but should be aware that they are probably not responding to an actual situation.

Well, you know why they call it make-believe . . . the audience suspends disbelief. They want it to be true so much that they don’t really care.