where'd the colors go?

When I am at the end of a thread, it just shows a space to post, but no options. What gives?thanks

You can still hit the “post reply” button at the lower right-hand corner of the page, y’know. That link still gives the full amount of options for all the different colors and such.

Oh, and my guess is that since the insta-reply at the bottom isn’t really authorized by VB, and it takes up enough space on the page as it is, it just wouldn’t be prudent to have fifty thousand little option buttons that you need to load up every time you try to read a thread… and they’ve already added a bazillion little buttons to the bottom to the point that on short threads like this’n my browser uses more space for the damn insta-reply than for the actual content. But that’s neither here nor there, and my idea is just a WAG.

Thanks loadsduh. My fault. I see, now.

See this thread for details and discussion regarding the new ‘quick-reply’ option. There’s also a reference to it in the Technical Issues FAQ (found at the top of ATMB).

Isn’t this better?

And this is (almost) invisible.


This is more invisible than white.

I usually hand-type tags, but the autotags can be useful.

This is a neat little typeface.

Nosferatu should use it.


ij IJ l1 UV uv O0 ., Il

O0 l1 Il