Wherefore art thou mod?

I can get the page where there is a list of forums to display but when things are going weird & I need to inform the moderators that they need to push the big button, I can’t.

Why? Because when you click on the moderators name it tries to access a profile page that won’t display because the board is malfunctioning.

Why can’t the names use a MAILTO tag on them instead? That way we can inform them to push the big red button to get the board working again.

Or you could just put our addresses in your book. Doesn’t that sound easier than recoding the pages?

Even if all else were to fail, I can always remember that Tuba Diva’s email address is tubadiva@aol.com. It’s really pretty obvious. Although I think that the mods are usually ahead of the rest of us on these matters.

handy: I hope you know that “Wherefore” does not mean “where,” but “why.”

So, your subject ‘translates’ to “Why are you a mod?”

“Romeo, Romeo, why art thou Romeo?”

Sorry, Montfort, but that’s still not right. It’s not “Why are you a mod?” but “Why are you ‘mod’?”, thus conjuring up a most regrettable mental image of all the moderators wearing thigh-high white vinyl boots. Thank you so much, Handy my dear.

And now someone must shoot me before, in my mind, TubaDiva begins to do her Nancy Sinatra imitation…


These boots were made for walkin’ …

How can I get the address to put in my address book if I can’t get to the page with the address? Well, I could now.

Yes, ‘wherefore’ equals ‘why’ ‘whyfor’ ‘reason’ etc…I just hoped no one would notice :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t know, handy. Do you usually wait until you’re completely out of gas before filling the tank, too? Do you wait until all your underwear are soiled before doing laundry?

Yes, Tommy the Cat, that’s what Juliette means. Except, of course, that what she’s really asking is “Romeo, oh Romeo, why are you Montague?”

::Ahem:: Neither Pete nor Link ever wore white vinyl boots. Please do not insult my modness.

blink blink

Usually, almost. :wink:
Hey, I need to take care of the household besides a 60 hour workweek, a time consuming MB, and a girlfriend. You guys are lucky I change my boxers every single week.

The Mod Squad.
Tuba, Lynn, and, uh, UncleBeer: Cecil’s Angels.
The A(dmin)-Team.

Somebody stop me.


(Is Euty a female? If she is, she gets UncleBeer’s post on Cecil’s Angels. Less of a risk of a Fawcett Incident with Euty.)
:smiley: :smiley:

Maybe we should have a bikini contest 'tween the three of 'em.

Actually, Uncle Beer, I change all my clothes every day, every single article of them. I could throw out half of them & still have more than a weeks supply. so nyah!

Euty’s not (although I’m sure he’d be honored you thought of him), but last I heard, Veb* is.

[sub]*TVeblen: IMHO Mod II[/sub]


Tuba, Lynn, and Veb: Cecil’s Angels.



In this scenario Uncle Beer has elbowed out CKDexterHaven, the real Third Musketeer in Administratorland.

Not that you want to see any of us in bikinis . . . it’s too cold.

Lynn and I have Dex bookended between the two of us. Man never even said “thank you,” ungrateful boy.

Actually, with admins and mods, it’s more like The Justice League. Consider us your Superfriends. :slight_smile:

your humble TubaDiva
Up and . . . oh, forget it.

If you’re the Superfriends, can I be a Superpet? I wanna be the monkey, I wanna be the monkey!

Does this mean you have a kick-ass Afro, the kind you can hide a Seville in?

“… and their Space Monkey, SPOOFE …”

Hey, it beats being Wonderdog! Although he was smarter than Marvin… :wink: