Wherein I take back what I've said about Pierce Morgan.

Is Giuliani still Trump’s lawyer? I could swear I’d recently seen something referring to him as Trump’s *former *personal lawyer.

Absolutely! They know going into it what the story line is and what roles they are playing, it’s improv comedy! And beneath it all, there is a bit of Piers coaching Rudy to be better, so he can keep making TV appearances.

You’ve out-cynic’d me.

Except that Rudy has been doing this same crazy old man schtick throughout Trump’s presidency. He doesn’t need Piers or anyone else to coach him.

No, I’d say that televised fiasco was real.

In addition it couldn’t be too scripted because if I were Piers I’d complain about my lack of lines.

Nowadays I can’t think of Piers Morgan without thinking of “A Touch of Cloth”.

That was freakin’ hilarious.

Stopped clock, sinking ship, scurrying rodents…pick your cliché. This is the asshole that fucked with a murderered teen’s phone, which fucked up the investigation AND tortured her parents, who thought she was still alive.

I always knew that at some point in time when/if Trump was determined to be an untenable candidate for 2020 that the leeches, maggots, and other parasites feeding off of his policies and his presidency would jettison themselves off of the dying host towards other hosts that they could latch onto and feed off of.
The primate scene in Ad Astra comes to mind.

I don’t suddenly trust Piers; he is who he was one year ago, two years ago, five years ago. Rudy has degenerated mentally and has aged badly though.

Rudy is a distraction intentionally thrown at you to take your attention away not only from the failures of Trump, but of the failures of the GOP Senate.
Rudy is just the poo being flung at you by the screeching monkeys desperate to keep at least the Senate. IMHO.