Wherein I take back what I've said about Pierce Morgan.

Pierce Morgan’s interview with the foaming at the mouth Rudy Giuliani.

Video is at the link. And I know how reluctant folks are to click on links without a summarized transcript. But I really don’t know where to even begin with Rudy’s unhinged, spittle flecked rant.

Well done Pierce. It may not be classic journalism, but you’ve said exactly what should have been said and done so long ago by so many of your fellow journalists.

Note 1: It’s Piers, not Pierce

Note 2: Piers Morgan is still a twat, IMHO.

Note 3: Rudy lost the plot years ago and now is just wandering in darkness, occasionally yelling at people to stay off his yard.

  1. Yeah.:o
  2. Yeah. :wink:
  3. Point isn’t that Rudy is insane. Point is that he was finally called on it.

No need to take anything back, Morgan is still a cock. But he happens to be in the right here.

it’s very, very rare that any one person is wrong all of the time.

I don’t have a high regard for Piers, but he’s been right about a lot of things. One of the reasons CNN was pressured to dump him as Larry King’s replacement was that his outspoken views on gun control made him very unpopular with the gun nuts. I thought he was a lightweight and a poor choice for that job in any case. One of the things I didn’t like was the way he always pandered to his guests, even when they were idiots. He certainly wasn’t pandering to ol’ Rudy, though, who seems to have lost his mind. Maybe Rudy thinks the batshit crazy act is a surefire path to the 2024 nomination.

NYers knew this about RG as far back as 2007. Rudy Guiliani hates ferrets. He did not become unhinged. He’s been unhinged for quite some time. The only (no longer) surprising thing is people not recognizing it.

Again, the point isn’t how long Rudy’s been crazier than a shithouse rat and everybody has known it. The point is how long he’s been getting away with it on most media. Especially as Trump’s sycophant. Until this Piers Morgan interview.

Wow, being too much of a lightweight for the network that has Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo on it? He must be a drooling vegetable.

Well, yes.

Huh, just a few days ago I was thinking, “I wonder what Rudy’s been up to, I haven’t heard from him in a while.” Nice to know he hasn’t lost his touch.

I think Piers and Rudy should have a Thunderdome match - sort of a “two men enter, then we brick up the entrance with both of them inside and go get pizza” sort of thing. It’s a win-win for society.

Disclaimer: I do not actually advocate walling up people alive, no matter how morally repugnant they are.

If you say so, Montresor.

So does that mean I shouldn’t have bought the bricks and mortar? :confused:

Youtube link for the Yurpeens.

If justice ever comes to America, 9/11 profiteer scumbag Rudy will be cellmates with rich so no consequences Donny boy.

I couldn’t handle that much bullshit on a Sunday evening. I had to stop when Guliani asserted that Trump “doesn’t have a racist bone in his body”.

Lord knows I wouldn’t want to do anything to defend Piers Morgan, let alone support him in any way, BUT…

Piers Morgan on Dominic Cummings:


Piers Morgan on Priti Patel (After BLM protesters tore down a statue of Edward Colston, and their actions were comdemned by Priti Patel):

Piers Morgan. Indeed. These are very strange times we’re living in.


What’s that old expression? Oh yeah:

Even a broken cock is right twice a day.

How true.

I can’t stand Morgan. But, I still enjoyed his “meeting” with Giuliani.

I never thought I’d cheer for Piers Morgan.

Eh, the whole point is to create conflict and get viewers (and get talked about). In that, because we are here talking about, it has been a huge success!

I see Piers and Rudy as buddies who are play acting for the camera.

Really? You’d embarrass your buddy on national TV by asking, “What’s happened to you?.. You used to be respected!”, for ratings?