Piers Morgan: Actually Pretty Good

There were threads here a few months back reviling Piers Morgan. After watching him occasionally over the last couple of months, he’s actually a pretty good interviewer.

I prefer this format compared to the ridiculously commercialized other late night talk show hosts. He did a damned good interview with Benjamin Netanyahu recently.

Unless you prefer inane laughter then I don’t see what the problem is with Piers.

Yeah, I had ignored Piers until recently, assuming he was annoying. But I really enjoyed his interview with Rod Stewart. Who would have guessed Rod was such a big model train fan, and why is he always wiping his mouth?

He was pretty belligerent with Jesse Ventura yesterday. Jesse may be a bit goofy ,but Piers talked way too much. I find Jesse amusing and wanted to hear him.

I really wasn’t familiar with him at all since I don’t watch either of his “_____'s Got Talent” shows (other than the viral videos), but I’ve been impressed. He’s not Edward R. Murrow but he’s leaps and bounds above Larry King and seems intelligent and well informed. I didn’t see the Ventura interview but Jesse’s such a joke that I don’t blame anyone for not letting him talk.

He is and always will be a c*nt. It is the only description that fits.

He is a vile human being. He is a dreadful humourless egotists, in thrall to the cult of celebrity and his sycophantic outpourings have infected the UK press and airwaves for too long. You are welcome to him but how bad must Larry King have been for you to consider Morgan an improvement?
Maybe he fits well on US TV. I’m stuck in Mystic CT. this week and I’ve got access to roughly 80 channels of balls and ads. I’m rationing the two “Sopranos” episodes I have on memory stick and I can’t get access to the BBC Iplayer. It would however be a cold day in hell before I lowered myself to watch Piers Morgan.

To be fair, the guy probably isn’t a complete idiot, and it’s entirely possible that he might find some decent questions to ask his guests.

Thing is, I have absolutely no wish to be fair towards Piers Moron, due to his past behaviour. I know him to be a conniving egotist. I couldn’t get past that if I was to watch his programme, I’d be annoyed by him rather than listening to the guests. I have plenty of other entertainments available to me, such as removing fluff from my navel, so I simply vote with my feet. If Piers is on screen then I’m going for the red button.

If you read those threads you mentioned, then you’d know what the problem is.

agreed, he certainly isn’t stupid but you used the word “conniving” and I think that sums him up perfectly.

Did you read Wolcott’s piece in Vanity Fair on the guy? The only time Morgan has been a part of anything interesting, IMO.

King was affable enough but a senile idiot as an interviewer. He asked thoroughly stupid questions and was really only in his element when interviewing show biz celebrities over 65. He did pretty much no research: if the interview subject was a writer he wouldn’t read the book or even about it (you could tell from the questions he asked- if he’d interviewed Charles Dickens he’d probably ask “So is Oliver Twist a bartender? I like a twist of lime in my drink and wonder if those come that way or if somebody cuts them like that…”) and if it’s a politician he’ll ask questions that would make a 12 year old blush (“So do you think the war in Iraq is gonna go down in history as bigger than World War II or more like Spanish-American war?”) and if he was doing an interview with a TV actor you could usually tell if he’d never watched the show. When he had the cast of QUEER AS FOLK on for instance (about as softball as you can get) he went round robin asking if each was gay in real life and then again to ask why they took this role and then asking again if they were gay- that kind of interview.

Not to be self referential, but an older threadto give you an idea.

Yeah, he’s not a bad interviewer. But I noticed that HLN (CNN sister channel) just started running Drew Pinksy’s show (haven’t seen it) at the same time as Piers Morgan. I wonder if that will cut into his ratings.

That Dr. Drew is just everywhere. I really loved him on the MTV Loveline show the few times I watched…Anyway, Larry King stayed on the air about 5 years too long. He was really out of it toward the end. That interview with Lady Gaga was as horrifying as it was hilarious. Piers Morgan may or may not last, and I don’t know anything about him, but I do know he’s not bad as an interviewer, and heaps better than poor old dotty Larry King.

I didn’t read the previous threads in detail: I really had no reason to.

Regardless, his new show on CNN is actually pretty good. His questions are well thought out and he has done some previous research. Jon Stewart is better. On Canadian TV we have George Stroumboulopoulos who is excellent, but I give kudos to Piers.

Well there is merit in “speak as you find” but you are only finding what he is willing to show you.
I promise you, had you been exposed to the real Piers Morgan, (as we in the UK have) rather than the façade you see now. You may well think differently.
The ability to ask slightly more probing questions than Larry King does not a rounded human being make.

That’s fine - if you want to assume that Piers Morgan is A-OK and all the haters are being unreasonable, there’s nothing stopping you, but wouldn’t it be more interesting to find out why people dislike him so much? I mean, there are reasons people hate him and they have been detailed many times. I think the worst was probably faking images and claiming they were of British soldiers committing torture. The insider trading was pretty bad too, but at least that probably didn’t get people killed.

But hey, he’s capable of coherently reading aloud the questions his researchers have written for him, so kudos to him.

See, I didn’t know about all this other stuff.

Thanks. I’ll catch up later. I’m really not in the habit of reading celebrity gossip-type stuff, so never bothered in the first place.

I see now it’s a bit more involved than the usual National Inquirer tripe.

Yeah - he’s not just unpleasant, though there that too, but he’s a genuinely really bad person. I guess it is hard to filter out that sort of disliked person when there are weird popular hatreds for people like Justin Bieber for no real reason at all.

agreed, I see the word “hate” thrown around far too freely. My family and friends would admit that I am a very forgiving and non-judgemental person. I like to see the best in everyone and rarely would I rush to say I “hate” someone.

But Piers Morgan? all that I have read and heard, from sources that I trust, suggest he is a fairly horrible human being.

If you don’t have that baggage and can be entertained by what you do see of him, then fine. I can’t condemn you for that and to be honest I certainly can’t be an unbiased judge of his US program because I haven’t seen it, wouldn’t watch, and even if I did it would be through the lens of his previous activities and known flaws.

King was in a walking coma for the last decade. He rarely asked a good question and let the guests have free reign to express their views with all the slant they wanted.
He licked a lot of boots. He got first rate guests because they knew they would not be challenged.
Piers talks so much ,the guests often sit and watch him gab.

I’m a Brit , he is a total scum cunt, he showed pics of “Brits” apparrently torturing Iraqis in Iraq by Brit soldiers.

It was front page in the Daily Mirror.

We had an uprising that cost a lot of lives.

It was quickly found out that it had been faked in England.
He didn’t even bother checking .
But it boosted sales.

Good job that he’s in the U.S.

We won’t be forgetting this,how ever long.
Sorry a since post.

I’m talking about Piers Morgan won’t be stunned with amazement if something bad happens to the nasty little piece of filth.