Piers Morgan to lose his CNN show

Here’s the story.

About time too. I’m English but even I used to cringe when I heard this guy constantly lecturing Americans about their gun laws. He always came across as an arrogant blowhard. I’m delighted CNN have finally pulled the plug on him.

Proud to say I never watched a single episode of his show. Larry King deserved a better follow-up/replacement, though I was never much of a Larry King fan.

I do respect King because of the fact that because all he did was lob softballs, he was able to get anyone and everyone to talk to. Nobody else in history got to sit face to face with so many important people, even if he never asked anything of consequence of any of them.

Morgan took the usual tact of making his opinions widely known, and forcefully interjected them at every opportunity. I don’t hate him for it, but CNN should have replaced King with someone who was easy to get along with and didn’t really have or show any strong opinions.

This is the perfect opportunity for Regis to make his return to TV. :smiley:

They should replace him with news.

No givesie backsies! The US took him and the US has to keep him!

Or, in a pinch, deport him to Somalia or Chechnya or somewhere like that. Anything to keep him out of the UK.

Well, there’s a chance he’ll be coming back for further conversations with the constabulary, possibly even a starring role in a courtroom drama. I’m willing to take him back on those grounds.

I was thinking Leno.

I think Pierce is uniquely suited as a spokesperson on QVC.

I think the shows cancellation is a perfect storm, he’s been under investigation for phone hacking and his ratings suck. Even despite this, he’ll still be a millionaire.

This guy goes to show that being a prick makes you successful.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer feller. Twat.

HA! I’m very pleased he has failed, one hopes that obscurity beckons but if not he can face the death of a thousand banal cuts by way of his Z-list “Life Stories” (Latest nonentity Martin Kemp) who’s figures are down the shitter too.

What’s the betting that a certain Mr. Clarkson makes reference to falling ratings and shows being cancelled on next week’s Top Gear?

He really is a terrible, terrible human being. He is a twat compared even to other tabloid journalists, that’s how bad he is.

Exactly what I was going to say. No, I never watched the show - and I barely ever caught Larry King Live either, so my opinion doesn’t make a difference to CNN. But Morgan is a phone-hacking scumbag and he was an arrogant, insufferable dick to the last.

I wonder about that. I don’t think Jay Leno wanted to retire. And he wouldn’t be directly competing with Fallon if he was on at 9pm.

Does this mean that Piers Morgan has finally run out of English speaking countries to annoy?

I love Stephen Colbert:

I keep hoping for the “further conversations with the constabulary” to happen but given the shambles that was Leveson I doubt anyone will be convicted of anything, more’s the pity.

There’s always Pitcairn, I suppose. Lucrative market, that.

How about shipping him off to South Georgia?

Seriously, I don’t know what the Britsh equivalent of an “ugly American” is, but Piers Morgan epitomizes it. Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

I’m not a fan of the whole style of show. I typically don’t care for personality-interview shows - especially on my news channels. And when there is actual news going on, I find it hard to take the people involved seriously when they switch to covering the news.

That being said - CNN apparently is going after more entertainment and human interest pieces, so I can’t imagine that any change they make is going to be for anything more serious or newsworthy.

The UK doesn’t want him. The US doesn’t want him. I propose a compromise: let’s drop him in the middle of the Atlantic.

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