Where're the Pitchforks and Torches for the OSP et al

It is absofuckinglutely amazing to me that these people involved with this stuff are not strange fruit dangling from tall trees or street lamps over a crowd of justified patriots.

The OSP has screwed America so hard and so royally from the gitgo.
They cherry picked the pre-war inetl used to sell the war (esp what was used in the media).

They made sure that deliberately misleading evidence provided through Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp agents made it’s way into the hands of the American electiorate, legislative and executive branches.

The OSP scrapped the year-long efforts of the hundreds of Americans and Iraqis in the State Department’s Future of Iraq project to plan for the post-war Iraq in favor of a few months work from their office. When Jay Garner wanted to have the man in charge of the FIP on his CPA team, the Pentagon prevented it. The horriffic, grisly results of their mistakes are growing more apparent every day.

The OSP used worst case scenarios to sell the invasion of Iraq while using fairy tale best case scenarios to plan for the reconstruction phase of the invasion.

They were responsible for the leaking of classififed material to the media (NRO).

They are at the center of the Iranian spy scandal.

And now, they are at the center of the Israeli spy scandal.

So, what we have here is a group of US DoD employees who’ve managed to get themselves suspected of helping Israel a little more than should. They’ve gone behind the backs of the CIA, State Dept and the White House to wheel and deal with an intelligence fabricator and nuisance who’s linked to one (or more) of Israel’s security services.
One of the reasons these DoD employees were wheeling and dealing with a known peddler of false information was to acquire information. After one of the meetings, made possible by the (former?) agent of “at least one” Israeli security service, one of these DoD employees calls home and asks for money, a “sizable financial interest”.
The FBI seems to have good reason to be concerned about what’s going on here.
These meetings between DoD personel and Iranian dissidents who are aniticpating regime change in Iran endangered the chances for the success of ongoing diplomatic endeavors regarding Iran. This may have been the intention of this ‘rogue element’ in the Pentagon.
The FBI seems to have good reason to be concerned about what’s going on here too.
The diplomatic negotiations with Iran that were disrupted by the Pentagon’s rogue element involved swapping Iran’s al Qaeda detainees for some of our Mujahedin e Khalq detainees.
If it hadn’t been for these gentelmen, Abu Zarqawi (and one or more of his legs) might be in US custody (again.)

These guys have taken steps that have undermined the war efforts repeatedly.
The only qquestion is whether they did these things with malice aforethought, or if they are merely dangerously incompetent.

Why do these people hate America so much?

I’m wrapping a tree branch in oily rags as we speak, but the only pitchfork-type dealie I could find is a little trowel for weeding an urban garden. Anybody got a full-sized model?

What the hell is OSP?

Office of Special Plans.

Ah thanks. Now I can start to replace “special” with stupid, shitty, etc, etc

I’m very glad you asked that question.

Here’re some primers:

Pentagon Office of Special Plans (OSP): What’s the Deal?
Put an End to the Well-Founded Rumors Surrounding GWB Admin’s Use of Intel re Iraq?**

Rogue Element On the Loose in the Pentagon
Basicaly they are the black, traitorous heart of all that is wrong with the Bush team’s foreign policy re the ME.
Not the brain mind you, but the heart.

Really? I would have assumed it would be the gall bladder.

Remind me, what does the gall bladder do exactly?

Store the bile produced by the liver.

SimonX, huh? We’ve got your IP, location and real name.

Black Chopper on its way. Over and out.

For The Lemmings’ Counterinsurgency Brigade,

~A True Patriot.

So, who’s the brain then?

I’m not sure who. Nor am I sure how far the analogy can be stretched.

Hey, I can bring a dozen pitchforks from the barn. Unfortunately, they all have plastic tines, so they’re not much good for a quick kill, but if you can manage to break the skin on your targets, you should be able to inject them with a nasty collection of muck bacteria. Will that do?

Good by me.

I misread the title and thought it said OSiP.