Where's he hiding his teleprompter?

It doesn’t appear that Obama is using a teleprompter this time. He sure is doing a good job if he’s not. :wink:

I’m sure he’s using one. Every president since Nixon (at least) used one for the State of the Union. It would be remarkable if he didn’t.

It’s there, one on either side. I could see it in the long shots.

And you can see it here, on Obama’s right.

His other right.

Teleprompters are almost transparent from the rear. It’s the blur in postcards’ link.

You can’t see the other one in that shot, but there are always two, one on each side, so the speaker can turn naturally to the audience seated around him rather than needing to stare straight ahead into the camera.

I don’t think it(they) is in a different position from any other State of the Union speech in recent years.

Here’s a clear picture of it.

For those who don’t know it’s piece of polarized glass on which the scrolling words are projected and can only be seen from a certain angle in the front.