Where's Rolf Harris now?

Where did Rolf Harris go after he was released from prison?

He has a daughter, Bindi, who has always defended him, some think in an attempt to stay in his good graces so she will inherit a fat bundle when he dies. He’s probably living with her, somewhere.

A quick Google says he lives in Maidenhead, Berkshire. He helps take care of his ailing wife and is trying to restore his image via a documentary, etc.

Good luck with that.:dubious:

I thought they tanned his hide when he died.

Thank you. I feel much happier with life, now. :smiley:


Thanks to this thread, I now know who Rolf Harris is.

Previously, I had only seen him in a one-off comic strip in VIZ magazine called “Rolf Harris the Cat.” In it, Rolf Harris was a walking, talking cat entrusted with carrying a package to a normal human being. He went to great lengths to keep the package dry, during which he himself got very wet. When Rolf Harris delivered the package, the contents were revealed to be a deep-sea diving watch.