Where's the America's Got Talent thread?

I’m starting it?


Predictions of who will go through:

Kevin Skinner
Arcadian Broad _killer name
Thia Megia

Who SHOULD go through
The Platt Brothers
Arcadian Broad

yes, I know I have an obvious bias for dancers and similar physicla performance, but that’s who was really good, interesting, unique and entertaining tonight.

Magic: I cannot remember the last time a magician did something remotely interesting or even different than making things disappear from one place and appear in another. YEAH WE KNOW. The only magic trick I can even remember finding interesting was Penn and Teller rolling a giant truck over Teller, i think, and not killing him, and it was great largely because they explained it.

The girl singer: yeah. Solid voice. Completely anonymous, forgettable and dull.

Kevin Skinner: Thought he was lovely the first time, but I think he fell apart tonight. He was shaky all the way through, poor thing. He’s sweet and appealing and not that great.

The drag queens and kids… incredibly generic at heart.

Grandma Comic. God love her. Hip hip hooray. You’ve had your moment, darlin, and you should have. But your jokes are stale and obvious and 30 years behind the times. It would be a travesty for you to move forward at the cost of one of the really interesting, original acts.

I disagree about Skinner. He looked weird, but he sounded great. And his little song was lovely.

The skaters are boooooooring.

I hated the way they cluttered up several acts by adding a bunch of girls to shimmy around.

Especially the basketball guys…like the stage wasn’t already way too busy with them leaping about, you needed irrelevant dancers??

And they didn’t help the skating guys either.

I was disappointed that the dancing guy (Arcadian?) wasted well over half his time playing the piano. :frowning:

The horde of dancing girls were cute, but as a Las Vegas act? C’mon, no tits and ass? :wink:

The seem to have dialed down the cuts to judges reactions but its still too much and makes me very tense when Im’ trying to take in a visual act. LET ME SEE THE DANCE!!!

I actually thought the background dancers for Acrodunk added to the atmosphere - they really appeared to be spectators at a city court. One of the few examples of a good addition.

Totally agreed on Thia. Great little singer, but zero emotion and completely mechanical performance. That song has grown on me, and I don’t think she “gets” it.

I loved the Platt Brothers their first time through, but man did they screw it up with all that talking. I have a feeling their choreography sessions were a hoot and they came up with great ideas, but the execution was terrible.

The skaters are totally boring - and they’re (fairly) local, so I *should *be biased towards them. I’m not - get them out of there.

Which one was Mosaic? Were they the acapella group? They were excellent.

I wanted Skinner to do well, but that song was booooooring, and he was shaky. Should have gone with something recognizeable.

Few people love a guy with an acoustic guitar singing sappy songs more than I do, but to win a million dollars I think he’d need to do more than a series of Garth Broooks covers (I know last nights is a Bob Dylan song, but Skinner’s version is closer to Garth Brooks’)

I agree that Grandma Lee’s 15 minutes will provide her enough laurels to rest on to do local shows - and I’m okay with that.

BreakSk8 is very precise and I don’t hate them or question their success to this point, but I wouldn’t pay $100 to watch them for an hour in in Las Vegas.

Mosaic is a very good acapella group, but I dont’ think there’s a shortage of those. My own preference would be for the prize to go to Acrodunk - which is a unique concept, as far as I know.

I won’t miss the Yodelling dominatrix one tiny bit, or generic teen girl singer either.

They really are. I think that they are the most talented of last night’s lot.
I understand that the producers want to offer variety acts, and I want to see variety acts - (after all, by far the most beloved and successful winner thus far has been Terry Fator, which is so cool because the guy is crazy talented and busted his ass for years, what an amazing story of self-confidence!)- but when they put through pointless novelty crap like the “dominatrix” over seriously talented singers and dancers, it’s really sad and aggravating. I can imagine being the runner-up singer from last week, the ex Idol contestant, and just shooting at the TV set last night when the dominatrix chick came on. SHE got a shot over the singer? Over other great dance acts?

I think they should do what they did the first year, or maybe it was the second, and give the fun, wacky acts that can’t really win their own kind of sub-show. I forget exactly the way it was done, something like 5 acts with phone-in or instant voting… it was a great way to enjoy the lesser-but-still-entertaining novelty acts without undermining people with real potential for a career.

How many here have seen Terry Fator in person in his Vegas show (in the Terry Fator Theater, no less)? I have, it was absolutely great! The man is talented and funny as all hell. He made a number of errors in the show I saw (he said it was because he was nervous because Jerry Lewis was in the audience; and yes, Jerry Lewis really was in the audience), and even his ad-lib recoveries were hysterical. We were in the second row center, and you could see just how much the man loves his work.

Showing my ignorance (and probably age) – who was the first puppet supposed to be?