Where's the best place to live?

I live in northern Maine, on an island (connected to the mainland by a causeway). I love the Spring, Summer, Fall, and I love winter when I can watch the snow fall from inside my cozy house. But not being able to go anywhere for so many days of the winter season is starting to get to me. I live 30 miles from a town of any size and the ice is sometimes just too dangerous to think of driving. I own a house here and can’t afford to buy a second home, but I’d like to go somewhere for 4-5 months in the Winter where I could work seasonally, probably doing taxes, and rent. It has to be safe, because where I am there is no crime. Has to be a fairly small town; I’m not into my wardrobe or a fancy car. I like down-to-earth people. It doesn’t have to be warm in the winter, per se, just not snowy. So does anyone know of a place that they could recommend that fits my description? Aside from that, I’d also like to hear about your favorite places.

I’d recomend the town I lived in before I met my wife, 25,000 people, in northeast Texas so it rarely snows in the winter or gets much below 30F, seasonal work available at Marry of Puddin’ Hill, a fruitcake and candy place I used to work at, or in all kinds of jobs in Dallas about 45 miles to the west, low cost of living (most 1 BR apartments under $400/mo), generally friendly people…but that low crime thing disqualifies it, as Greenville had the highest per-capita murder rate of any city in Texas several years in recent history.

Greenville Texas is indeed a great place to live. Lived there all my life. Would reccomend it to anyone also.

I like Alabama, but its the only place I’ve ever lived, so I guess I have nothing else to go by, so just ignore me if you like :smiley:

Austin, Texas.

Beautiful with bats.

I guess Hong Kong’s out of the question then? :smiley:

You were dead serious about that statement, weren’t you? I personally got a big laugh out of it. :smiley:

Why? Is Northern Maine generally considered to be crime-ridden? That’s not the picture I’ve always had of Maine.

Plato, TX, Katy, TX

Sorry, I did not mean to say the OP’s concern about crime was unreasonable or that there was a lot of crime in Maine. What I found funny was someone that lives on an island in Northern Maine, 30 miles from the nearest town considered it necessary to say:

I live in Northern Nevada. We have four seasons, mild weather and beautiful mountains. The winters here are nothing like the ones in Toledo, Ohio, where I grew up. 0 degrees F. is considered extremely cold for here. Lake Tahoe is an hour away. It doesn’t get too hot like it does in Las Vegas. We also don’t have a lot of traffic problems on freeways. Oh and in the summer there are few mosquitos because of the lack of humidity.
My next favorite place to live would be the central coast of California. Pacific Grove, perhaps…I don’t like hot weather much and I love the ocean. I also love those overcast, cloudy skies.