Where's the FLAMES? Did you flaming flamers manage to flame out the flames?

I noticed that the waving flames on the SDMB are gone. I happened to like them, though from reading some posts, I suspect that I was in the minority. So, did you stuffy, stuck in the mud-against-new-things-tried-and-true-old-is-best SDMBers manage to get them removed? What happened to them?

Flames Disabled

Sum Ergo Cogito

Oops. I’m beginning to feel a phase shift a phase shift in the [ouch…] a phase shift in the [ouch…]. Hey, cut it out [ouch…] cut it out. Okay! Kay!

Yes, Sentinel, we did. And if you don’t like it, our stuffy-stick-in-the-mud-set-in-our-ways attitude is that you take it to the Pit.

This isn’t a Great Debate, it’s hardly a good whimper.