Where's this sensor on the van?

Mechanic Dopers…Help, help

a 1990 Chevy 250 Van. (I Think it’s a 250) Anyhoo, I needs to know where a sensor is on or near the starter.
Do not ask why…'cause I don’t know

It’s not really my problem,(I don’t own one of those beasts) but since I have the source of the “Smartest people in the World” I told him I’d ask you all.

Thankee Rightly.

What kind of sensor?

In my component locator, it lists knock sensors as being in the engine block above the starter on 5.0 & 5.7 engines (on the left) and on 7.4 engines (on the right).

** Gary T** You are my hero! ** Cheek Kiss** Thank You.

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