Which animal species breeds the most?

I guess what I’m trying to ask is, which animal on multiplies the fastest at a steady rate? For instance, people say “let’s fck like rabbits" or "those two fck like minx”.

Are rabbits the animals that breed the most? Is the myth a reality?

I dated a minx once.

Do you count things like oysters as “animals?” They reproduce by the thousands.

With the examples the OP provides I think the question means which species has sexual intercourse the most.

This brings up a valid point. My question could be turned into two questions I guess.

Let me clarify, which species (by screwing) produces the most offspring, which species multiplies faster than any other?

Mating and producing offspring are two different things. They’re related, but not the same. The question about “how many offspring” seems counter to the use in the phrase “f*ck like bunnies.”

So the object of your question is literally which species reproduces the most by count and velocity (and mode i.e. sexual/asexual)?

I misinterpreted then in thinking you were asking about which species engages in the act itself the most.

Just a FWIW, we had a mouse at work that had two litters of fifteen, one of fourteen and one of eight - within four months!

Mice reach breeding age by three weeks, give birth to their first litter at around six weeks and get pregnant again the same day. A mouse can live several years. Figuring an average litter at about ten babies…you do the math. :eek:

OK, well, let’s turn it into two questions.
Which species has the most sex?

Which species multiplies faster than any other, multiplies as a whole? Meaning, if you put every species in a cage (think Noah’s ark style) and watched them for a month, which species would come out with the most offspring?

Whereas the OP stipulates animals the above quote mentions species.

Therefore, off topic or not, if you include insects the aphid might reach the frame.

On the downside, most of the aphids would be consumed by the other species in the cage. Or escape through the bars.

OK, I can do the math., but I’m not about to tackle the genealogy. :eek:

Interesting–tonight’s “Most Extreme” on Animal Planet was about births. #1 was a tapeworm, capable of creating MILLIONS of baby tapeworms in two weeks. Bleh.

Lessee…#2 was a queen termite, #3 was the armadillo (capable of controlling pregnancy–mate once, deliver litter 3 years later, PLUS they always have a little of 4 genetically identical quadruplets), #4 was the aphid (BORN pregnant, ew), #5 was some freaky-ass toad that carried babies in it’s back, #6 was a blue whale (largest offspring), and #7 was, I believe, the rabbit…the most prolific breeder.

So, at least according to that show (questionable source, I know) “fucking like rabbits” really DOES mean a whole helluva lot.

There’s some marine mollusc or something where the male - which consists of little more than motile gonads (band name) - is absorbed by the female and spends the rest of his life mating with her, without interruption.