Which Batmobile?!?!

Ok Simple question, you may support your answer.

Which is the better of the Batmobiles

The 1940s non Batmobile (BATMAN/ BATMAN AND ROBIN)
The 1966 Batmobile (TV SERIES)
The 1989 Batmobile (BATMAN)
The 1995 Batmobile (BATMAN FOREVER)
The 1997 Batmobile (That piece of Crap film)

Given those choices, I’d have to go with the '89.

Personally, I preferred the hot-rodded Mustang-looking ride Bats had in the mid-70s comic books. It was very understated. For a Batmobile.

I found this site chronicling the various types of Batmobiles over the years. I doubt it’s complete, but it’s a start for comparison purposes.

I like the '89 Batmobile, but the animated series Batmobile even more. The Batman Returns Batmobile gets points for being able to turn into the sleek and sexy Bat-Missle.

I also have a fondness for the golden age Batmobile with the big 'ol bat head slapped on the front.

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Gentlemen, I cannot imagine what you have been smoking.
There is one, and only one, Batmobile. The 1966 TV car.

The 1971 version ResIpsaLoquitor links to is pretty close to what I had in mind. I rememeber it being a little curvier than that (along the lines of a mid-70s Camaro), but I could be wrong. I very much remember the bathead on the hood.


I only know I didn’t like the one that had just a single fin down the back. Yeah, checked that site–the one from Batman Forever sucks. (Blah, that was my least favorite of the movies too–even compared with Batman and Robin. That one at least cracked me up. I mean, it was so campy!! Batman Returns still rocks the house though. Catwoman rules!)

From the link provided by ResIpsaLoquitor, the Batman Year One concept is one mean looking car. Even though it wasn’t in the original list, I’m going with this one.

The “Year One” concept car is cool, looks like Max’s car from the Carmaggedon PC game. My favorite batmobile is the “tank” from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns – “Rubber bullets (honestly).”

The Mach 5.

Don’t make me get a spoon and smack you.

'89. I saw one for sale on E-bay a while back. I was sorely tempted to sell my merc and put in a bid.

The 97’ is #1 for me and the 89’ is #2 and WHAT were they thinking with the nipples and metalic looking crotches on the last costumes?

Anyone expecting the next movie Batmobile to resemble the Cadillac 16?

What’s this? No one mentions the TANK Batmobile from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns?

Murcielago mentioned it above. I’m with you guys, btw.

I’m going with the New adventures of Batman& Robin one. that’s slick. Runner up is the 89 Movie one

I’ll take the one from Batman Beyond. Any car with an antigrav drive is good, and it looks cool besides.

Sorry maybe the question wasn’t as simple. I was refering only to the actual built and filmed versions of the Batmobile Personall;y I have a soft spot for the 1966 version. If we include the entire gambit of batmobiles I’d take the comic 1972 version.