Which businesses are the most and least cashless in the USA?

Just curious. There are a variety of people who use credit or debit cards to pay for everything from the 50¢ pack of gum to the $500 TV set, others who prefer to use cash for everything, and those who use cash on the small stuff, and plastic or checks on the big stuff.

So which stores’ customers tend to pay with cash the most? Which stores’ customers tend to pay with plastic the most? Are there any demographic tendencies toward one way or the other?

Well, it seems just when they couldn’t get any more ridiculous, I’ve found banks to be increasingly cashless. I went to deposit cash ($100) into my wife’s account (I’m not on it, and she was out of town) and they told me the could not accept cash from any body excet the account holder, even tho I had her on the phone nad had her account #. Fear not, however, said the banker, for I COULD deposit a check or money order. Well, I only had cash, so I asked to buy a money order. No deal. They don’t take cash for their (ridiculously overpriced) money orders. So I had to walk around the block to buy an 89 cent money order from grocery store just to deposit moeny in the god damn bank. I hate them. Which is why I don’t have an account and prefer cash.

When flying, the airlines don’t take cash at all.

Most cashless: Amazon and other online sales venues
Least cashless: Illegal drugs, prostitution, and other criminal exchanges

If you’re going to argue those aren’t acceptable choices, I’ll offer home buying as a most cashless alternative (you could conceivably buy a house with cash but it would be unusual) and fast food as the least cashless (by the same token, you can use a credit card for your burger and fries but people generally don’t).

Is this typical? I was visiting my parents around Christmas and my mother asked me to deposit some money for her in the bank. The bank had no problem with me depositing cash in somebody else’s account.

The banker drone said it was a “fairly new policy”, whatever that means.

(Non-specific) answer would be the biggest retail chains that accept cash, and the biggest wholesalers. For the latter, I will hazard the big stock and commodities brokers.

Locally legal marijuana dealers in Colorado and Washington are almost entirely cash-based because banks will not provide them service for fear of the Feds.

Not around here. Fast food places sell a significant amount of their sales via card anywhere from 1/3rd to 1/2 of their sales.

I’ve never been asked for an ID when depositing to my account. You write out a deposit slip entering your account number (If you don’t have a pre-printed one). You hand it to the teller and say nothing. She (almost always it seems) smiles stamps a receipt and gives it to you.

OTOH, I’ve never seen a food truck/hot dog cart that takes anything but cash.

Lots of prostitutes will take credit cards. Of course, they usually market themselves as escorts or something besides “prostitute”. Or so I’ve heard…

Most cashless-- Uber, Doordash and the like.

It’s Chase bank, right?
Yes, they introduced this policy in 2014. They instructed their employees to tell complaining customers that it’s a government mandate and that soon all the banks will be doing it. (And many of the employees sincerely believe this.) I don’t know of any other major bank that has such a policy.

By the way, it only applies to personal accounts.

But how many of their customers are going to want a paper trail?

What, for event managers, personal trainers, PR consultants and other bullshit job titles?

Well sex does count as a mild cardio workout burning on average 21 calories, so its not 100 percent untrue.

Depends on the airline. American Eagle is cash only.

Sure, it might hold up to a cursory look. But do you really believe it’s impossible for somebody to find out that the personal trainer you hired was actually a prostitute? And do you want there to be a permanent record of that financial transaction?

I would say the illegal drug business is almost 100% cash based.

Most cashless - rental car companies. Maybe some small outfits will rent for cash, but I’ve not seen it

Least cashless - flea market vendor?