Which celebrities are Pro-War?

Maybe it is better to say “support the President’s position that war in Iraq is necessary” - I don’t know. Sheryl Crow, George Clooney, Martin Sheen, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon - all very anti-war.

Are there any Hollywood types that have come out vocally in support of the impending war?

Uh, Ted Nugent?

grunt Me like Bush. Me like guns. Bush with gun good. Shoot, Bush, shoot. more grunting noises

Does the public really care who is Pro/Anti War, if we go to war against Iraq, it’s the government and the military - ya think they give a S, if Sheryl Crow or Susan Sarandon is for or against.

Don King!

Fred Thompson

“Pro-War” isn’t really a fair term. That’s like calling someone who is prochoice “anti-life”.

I think what you want to know is who supports the Presidents determination to take out Hussein(which would probably include war).

Anyway, Bruce Willis, Kelsey Grammar, and Drew Carrey feel this way, I believe.

I think Dennis Miller did, on Leno (maybe Letterman) the other night.

Dennis Miller definitely supports Bush. He was on Leno a few weeks ago and was completely behind the president in regards to Hussein.

I imagine Bo Derek and Arnold Scharzenegger are also behind Bush, but I’m not actually heard them say anything about a war against Iraq. I just know they were Pro-Bush during the elections.

Kid Rock, making the Grammy’s pairing more interesting.

Third story down.

Brian McNight and Yo-Yo Ma have both said they support whatever the Bush administration decides to do.

I remember months ago. seeing Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise supporting Bush on Iraq - they may have changed their minds since then.

Nashville is the one sector of entertainment where pro-Bushviews are not rare - but there are indeed ‘liberal’ country singers as well .

Charles Barkley tonight on TNT, commenting on Dan Rather assassinating Saddam Hussein rather than interviewing him. (a paraphrase)

“He coulda said, ‘Lets go get something to eat,’ and then stabbed him in the neck with a fork.”

Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwartzenegger. Larry Miller.

Sounds like he’s been watching <b> Godfather Part 3 </b> recently.

Conservative actors, whom I am “assuming” would support the President (though this is only a guess, and we all know the old saw about the word “assume”):

Charlton Heston (all jokes aside, I believe he is only in the first stages of Alzheimers, and is still probably cognizant of the situation)

Tom Selleck

Gerald MacRaney

Dwight Schultz

Jerry Doyle (Garibaldi from B5)

Chuck Norris (??)

Again, just guessing.

Sir Rhosis

As noted, Dennis Miller is definitely pro-war. I watched him rip Donahue a new one a couple of weeks ago. It was entertaining, even if it did require watching Donahue’s show. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I can’t recall which group it is but I was listening to the radio a couple of weeks ago and the DJ was talking about a popular alternative rock band (they had a current top 10 single) that had posted a long message on their website supporting the war.

And I agree that “pro-war” is a poor term. How about “anti-Saddam”?

This one stood out to me. Do you think his opinion was colored by the fact that his producer was on one of the 9-11 planes?

Colin Quinn.

That is, as long as you accept he is a celebrity.
Yeah can you believe Don King is a republican?? Why he should give the keynote speech at the next RNC.


Well, there’s Law & Order star Fred Thompson who has a pro-war ad on tv that’s pretty much a direct to response to Martin Sheen’s anti-war ad, but as he’s a former Senator, I’m not sure if he really counts.