Which celebrity/public figure do you most implicitly trust?

I tried to go swimming this evening. When I found that there was nobody else there, I decided against it rather than spending an hour watched by 2 lifeguards, on my own. I was then thnking about the fact that despite the fact I’m unlikely to steal anything, and am a perfectly fine swimmer, they would need to have 2 lifeguards there anyway, even for just me. Leaving aside the capabilty of swiming that led in to my mind, “even if I was____ they would still need a guard”. I couldn’t think of anybody so universally trusted that I could fit their name in the quote. Who would you include in that phrase, (either or both of someone you trust implicitly, (nobody you know personally), or someone who could be consideresd ubiquitously trustworthy to the public at large?

I’m confused. 1) I I would love to swim when no one else was there, 2) steal what from whom?, 3) most places have one lifeguard.

James Garner.
Carrol Burnett.

George Takei.

I figure two life guards* would still be necessary if he were swimming alone because even George could run into trouble in the water and we would not want to lose him.

*I’m assuming there are two in case one needs a food or bathroom break/lifeguard #1 also needs to be rescued.

So a celebrity that’s probably not going to steal the water? Laird Hamilton.

Thinking of it in terms of, suppose somebody left out an unopened bag of jelly beans, or a rock band tour t-shirt, or a pull buoy (hey, it’s a swimming pool), who would I trust not to swipe anything?

Bill Gates, because really… what’s he going to steal? He could buy the place, raze it, and put up a skyscraper.

President (any). They travel with multiple oversight, so I guess that doesn’t really count.

Keanu Reeves. In spite of having kind of a bad rep for making some remarkably bad movies, he is acquiring a counter-rep for being a pretty phenomenal person. Similarly, Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie.

Looking at it as, who is least likely to need a lifeguard, aside from the insurance company? Diana Nyad. If she can swim from Cuba to Florida, she can do a few laps without supervision.

OK ignore the situation that led to my question if it confuses you. (I figure there’s some reason why they need to have staff there watching you even if you’re a perfectly fine swimmer.) Instead think of the Pulp Fiction briefcase. You don’t know what’s in it, but it’s something that people really really want. Who would you say “I wouldn’t even leave_____ alone with that briefcase”, where ____ is the most implicitly trustabale, (either to you personally, or to the public at large) person you can think of?

Celebrities are marketed images/figures, not role models. Most will tell you the same. I honestly can’t think of one who thinks that they are such a role model for humanity that they should be re-classified as “homo-perfectus”.

It is my humble opinion that your premise is flawed (and that you need to start looking for a new sentence).

The Pope.

do dead people count? because if so, Walter Cronkite. if not…let me think.

and I don’t get the bit about life guards.

Stephen Colbert.
Really, no kidding.

Which pope. This current one seems to be a crafted image, the last one covered for pedophiles.

My brother


Morgan Freeman.

Michael Phelps? If you mean safe in swimming. Mr Rogers if you mean overall trustworthy.

This one. Even if he were a crafted image, I would trust him.

Public personae, alive today, who projects the most trustworthy image, IMO?

Jimmy Carter
Queen Elizabeth II
Anderson Cooper
Pope Francis
James Earl Jones*
Jodie Foster

And I agree, zoid - Stephen Colbert strikes me as a really stand-up** sort of guy.

No longer living?

Mr. Rogers. The king of all trustworthy celebrities.

*Hey, two James Earls on the trustworthy list.
** Pun only sort of intended. Mostly.

that’s true, when I hear interviews with him I think he seems like a great guy, totally would trust him

Neil deGrasse Tyson