Which comedienne is this?

About a year and a half ago, I was watching Comedy Central and a lady came on with her own hour-long stand-up program. One of the first things she said was “I’m about to have my first date, tonight, with the man I’ve been sleeping with for a year. I have no idea what to wear…” She was blonde, thirtysomething, and pretty funny, all around, but I can’t find her name or other information. Does anyone else know who that might be?


I’d think Caroline Rhea, except for the ‘pretty funny’ part.

Is it that woman who always dates black men? What’shername…she’s very bawdy and really, really funny.

Damn…this is going to drive me crazy.

You’re thinking of Lisa Lampanelli, who’s a good deal older than 30.

When somebody names a blonde, female comic and says she was funny, my first guess is usually Maria Bamford.

No, I think that one is Liza Fontanelli (or something like that).

Duh! Bad last name! :smack:

I’m pretty sure she’s 30-something (as per the OP). And that’s her. Lisa Lampanelli.

She’s actually 47 (I checked Wikipedia, I don’t know this stuff offhand). I’d have guessed she was in her mid-50s.

Wow. I would have figured her to maaaaaybe 40. Go figure.

But I’ve seen the stand up routine that the OP describes, and I remember the comedienne is NOT Lisa Lampanelli (and I’ve seen other Lisa Lampanelli’s shows, this woman looks nothing like her).

I tried checking Comedy Central’s schedule, but they don’t show schedules of the previous day. :frowning:

For reference, here’s Lisa Lampanelli.


Tracy Smith.

She has been around for a while. I remember her from Evening at the Improv (with glasses and a different hairdo). She’s a few of the same jokes are the same, but her act is still funny.

Ah, thanks! I’ve been thinking about her name all afternoon!

Yes! Thankya bigbig :slight_smile: