Which Corey is cooler?

If you grew up in the 80’s, you’ve got to remember the Coreys. That wonderful tag team that did such wonderfully amazing films such as License to Drive, The Lost Boys, Dream a Little Dream, and who could forget the cinematic wonder of Blown Away. But, over time, the two seem to have split and gone their separate ways, so I gotta ask you…

Who’s your favorite Corey? Corey Feldman, or Corey Haim?

Personally, I always liked Corey Feldman. He was goofy looking, had a funny voice, and could dance like Michael Jackson (hey, Micheal was the shit when I was 8). Corey Haim just whined a lot.

Corey Feldman.

Which reminds me, I need to go watch The Burbs again.

Corey Flintoff.

Wendell Corey!

Who could forget him in “Harriet Craig” and “The File on Thelma Jordan?”

Corey Feldman.

I used to have the BIGGEST crush on him. I especially liked him in Dream a little Dream. But the greatest movie with him in it was… ROCK AND ROLL HIGHSCHOOL!!!

The eradicators rule!!!

Corey Feldman.

When I was in high school, one of my teachers made us watch the After-school Special about drug abuse that Corey was in. At one point, he storms out of his group therapy session after snarling, “Later for you, man! Later for you all!” Instant catchphrase. I’m still known to use it. :o

Can’t remember where or who, but I just read something from an actress who recently played in a movie with both.
he said that Feldman was really sweet and easy-going, whereas Haim was an affected, self-absorbed cokehead.
Just goes to show that the baby face can be deceiving!

Sorry-should have been "She said…

What about Corey Hart, though? How odd that both he and Corey Haim should hail from my hometown.
Personally, I’ve always liked Feldman more. I know for a fact that Haim has taken to wearing platform sneakers and sweatpants and reminiscing about past conquests. But can you blame him? To quote a loudmouthed Ricky Lake audience member, he’s gone from hero to zero. And most of his fame came during the already self-absorbed teenaged years. As for the coke bit, well, so’s Ben Affleck, but no costar has the balls to admit it. Besides, Corey has tried to get help numerous times (after which he was put on other, prescription drugs).

Professor Irwin Corey!

Feldman because he was the second most important character in Friday the 13th series.

Neither Corey is the least bit cool, or even useful, except as object lessons for all subsequent child actors.

I’m going to go with Feldman on the strength of this:

Well, I have to admit that when they were cool, I had a massive crush on Corey Haim–he was such a cutie. However, now I find him more than a little creepy. he started to get a little weird around “Dream a Little Dream” but he was adorable in “License to Drive”!

I gotta vote for Corey Feldman. Not only was he in the 'Burbs, he was also in The Goonies. You cannot beat that, no matter how hard you try.

Corey Feldman. I too had a massive crush on him. I have strange taste in men…I thought he was SO good looking!

Corey Feldman… as a kid he appeard pretty bright. What some drugs can do to a person! “Stand By Me”, “Goonies” (he will be in the sequal), and “Gremlins” were great movies IMHO. Aside from “Stand By Me” those others were just great, corny 80’s flicks.
Corey Haim was in “Lucus”, which was good but I think Feldman wins.

Cory Hart.

Never surrennnnnnderrrrrrrrr

I don’t mean to nitpick, but…


Rock ‘n’ Roll High School Forever starred Corey Feldman.

Rock ‘n’ Roll High School (no suffix) starred The Ramones. Big difference!

Corey Feldman was cool for his time, but NOBODY is as cool as The Ramones (except maybe Bo Diddley). Get it straight next time.


Anyone else see Feldman’s special on E!, which happens to be one of the most bizarre things ever released . . .

Haim’s coked-out speech about how Hollywood screwed him over is freaking hysterical