Which couple in Friends would be the best hookup?

For this poll, assume that Monica and Ross are not brother and sister, and that all six are bisexual.

Phoebe, I think, is probably the most imaginative in bed, and has the fewest inhibitions and hang-ups. I think sex with her would be the most fun and adventurous of the six.

So who do I hook her up with? Joey does love sex, but I get the feeling he’s kind of a 3-position guy, if that. Phoebe may be a bit much for him to handle. Ross, Monica, Chandler… They all seem just a little too uptight.

Rachel. She’s sexy and knows it and doesn’t apologize. She put on her old cheelrleader outfit to seduce a guy. She was willing to dress up like Princess Leia (it was Ross who ruined the mood on that one). I think she’d be game for whatever Pheobe could come up with, and throw a few kinks of her own into the mix. Yes, Phoebe and Rachel could set off some serious fireworks.

Have I given this too much thought? I’ll be in my bunk.