Which fields have heavy fraternizing?

Are there fields that people will likely to befriend or date co-workers more than others?

I heard that promotions/PR is one of them.

Military. From what I’ve seen, especially in the Navy. Young people + a lot of time together + not a lot of time away from work = fraternizing.

Porn stars. It’s pretty much the norm for the directors/producers to date/screw/marry the stars.

Same thing with the music industry.

Actually, in the more than 25 years I spent in advertising and PR, I can only remember about three couples of co-workers who hooked up. Part of that is because the turnover is so fast, particularly at entry levels, that by the time two people decide to get together, one of them is probably moving to another job.

I’d vote for medicine, particularly hospital work.

Construction/painting/road crews, etc.

Bar and restaurant workers.

Yeah, but not so much now that there are more women in the field. :wink:

Oh yeah. Restaurants where I worked were like Peyton Place where one practically needed a program to keep up with who was zooming whom.

Loller. I think I misunderstood the question.

But yeah, restaurant and bar workers do fraternize…a lot.

In any academic field, everyone knows everyone else in the field, and tend to get along pretty well. Out of about 100 folks in the physics department here, I can think of at least half a dozen romantic couples, and many more friendships.

Mall retail. I could tell you some stories.

Consulting. Lot of young people working long hours on the road a lot. Fair amount of married couples who met as coworkers.