Which Greek Island to Honeymoon On

Have you been to Greece? Have you visited the islands? If so, I’d like your help.

I’m working on planning my honeymoon. I’ve picked the Greek Islands as the desired destination. My plan is to spend 3 nights in Santorini at the Sun Rocks hotel, 3 nights at another island, and then 2 nights in Athens. My problem is I can’t decide on the “other island” part. I mean, come on, there are more than 1400 to choose from!

Anyway, I’ve decided to concentrate on the Cyclades, since that’s where Santorini is. I’ve discarded Mykonos as being to touristy and Crete (just outside the Cyclades) as being too big.

I’m looking for something with isolated beautiful beaches, a little nightlife, a nice hotel, some neat archelogical stuff to visit, and a lack of college students. It’d also be nice if there was good sights for snorkeling and/or scuba diving, but I figure Santorini will take care of that.

Right now, I’m leaning towards Sifnos or Milos.

Please, share your experiences and recommendations. I’d much appreciate it.


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Allow me to be the first to say, “I hate you, you BASTARD!!!

Have fun, though. :smiley:

I spent a couple of days each on Santorini, Paros, and Mykonos two summers ago. I would heartily recommend each of them – in fact, on the beach on a Cycladic island is my favorite escape daydream!! Just remember that the beaches are usually pebbles, not sand, and the beach chair rental is drachmas well spent. My friend’s family in Athens says that island life is the true Greek lifestyle – laid back, friendly, and lots of food!

I loved Santorini – excellent choice!

I know you’ve ruled Mykonos out – it was awfully loud, and pretty touristy, but it was an absolute hoot! Let’s just say it’s an awfully small island with an awfully big nude beach! ** Before you rule it out completely… ** Just off of Mykonos is the island of Delos, supposedly the birthplace of the gods Apollo and Artemis. Now it is basically one huge open archeaological site. There are a few sensitive areas that are roped off, but for the most part you can walk in and amongst the ruins. It is extremely cool, and our visit there ended up being one of my favorites martsof the trip. I felt a much deeper connection with the history of the place than with Pompeii or Akrotiri (on Santorini).

Paros was calm, fairly quiet, and beatiful. I don’t remember much of a nightlife, but the shopping was excellent.

I don’t think you can go wrong in the Cyclades – all of the Greeks we met were extremely warm and friendly, the views are incredibly gogeous, and the food is unbelievable. Have a great time – I am incredibly jealous, you BASTARD!!! :slight_smile:

I’ve never actually been there, but I have a picture torn from a magazine from about 5 years ago of a Greek island, Exoghi Beach. It’s incredibly beautiful. It’s a huge hillside that descends into this body of perfectly blue water that’s just beggging to be swum in. All over the hillside are these little white cottages and steep roads that swing around to the top.

I talked about it once with my friend Demetrias, a Greek exchnage student, and he said he had been there and it was more beautiful than I could imagine.

I’m going to go there on my honeymoon, or when I turn thirty, whichever comes first. :slight_smile:

I’ve been to Skiathos and Samos. This June I’m going to Paxos. I haven’t been to the Cyclades yet.

Samos is a lovely island, but it was badly damaged by forest fires last year.

Skiathos is becoming more popular with tourists. It has some quiet, laid back resorts (Troulos, Aghia Paraskevi), lots of sandy beaches but not many archaeological sites.

I’m really looking forward to Paxos. It’s small (3 miles by 7) and tranquil with white pebble beaches.

If you’re looking for ideas, the website of Laskarina, a British tour operator has some useful information on the “off the beaten track” islands. You may well find that luxury accomodation on the less well known islands is limited.

Wherever you go, I think you’ll have a wonderful time. Greece is beautiful, the Greeks are friendly and the food is delicious.

I spent a summer living in Greece, doing research, while I was in college. It’s truly beautiful, and I’m dying to go back.

I’d check out the island of Andros. I spent a good amount of time there, and it might have what you’re looking for. It’s definitely more laid back than Santorini or Mykonos, but it’s not so laid back that there’s nothing to do. I stayed in Batsi, a small town a little ways away from the port.

As far as snorkelling/diving, I think the Mediterranean is a big zero as far as that’s concerned. I wasn’t into scuba when I was there, but I did try to snorkel a few times, and there was basically nothing to see.

My father was born in Rhodos (Rhodes). Its beautiful there. Its not like a big city kinda thing. More like small towns and farms and stuff like that. If you want to get away from crowds and stuff, you can probably go there. If you don’t go there, look into Andros, like Athena said.

One more thing; stay away from Athens. Too many people!! Way too many people, and I’d hate to diss my own family’s home country, but its kinda dirty there in certain parts. I have relatives there.

May I suggest Lesbos. If only for the opportunity to say ‘I spent my honeymoon in the presence of many, many, Lesbians’.

Hate to dredge this one up, but I don’t get into IMHO very often.

My recommendation should be fairly obvious. :wink:


Funny you should mention Greece for a honeymoon trip. That’s where Mrs. QS and I spent our honeymoon. Good choice.

My vote (after the obligatory two days in Athens) is for starting your island vacation on Skiathos (the Dodekanes chain of islands). It’s different from the more southern Agean islands because it is much more green than the rest. Beaches are sandy. Natives are friendly. You can rent a car and drive around the island for a day and visit some of the more remote beaches away from the main port town. I highly recommend booking a day’s passage on a sailboat outing which will take you to some out of the way little islands for a swim and lunch. I’d recommend a week’s stay here. Stay in town but towards the top of it, away from the harbour. There is a great market there where the locals go in the morning for fresh produce, bread, cheese etc… There is a very nice beach just steps away from there as well. Good restaurants. There is even a coin laundry in town if you want to freshen up your clothes without having to handwash everything.

Follow that up by booking passage on a five day cruise through the various islands including Santorini (really special but very crowded) Crete (nice archeological dig), Rhodes (old cobbled street city inside walls) and Kushadassi in Trukey. The latter is the most amazing if you are into great ancient archeological sites. The market in Kushadassi is also fun if you don’t mind haggling for bargains with locals over a strong cup of tea or coffee.

Then stop in Mykonos for another few days to a week if schedule permits. It is busy but you can find quiet spots without much problem. The beaches are wonderful and full of beautiful people. The evenings are enchanting and we spent many quiet nights sitting at a table on the beach having our evening meal and greek brandies much like in the movie “Shirley Valentine”. If you stay just out of the main town you will have no trouble finding quite places like this.