Which is better - Christian or Secular?

Music- which is better? I have listened to both, and to quote Bart Simpson:

“Pbbbt. Christian rock. Everybody knows the best bands are affiliated with Satan.”

Granted I don’t particularly like satanic, but I believe you get my drift. Even ‘metal christian’ (such as Tourniquet) don’t put up a fight to old rock in my opinion. Which do you like better?

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To Bach all music came from God. Even though he wrote some light music.One is “The Coffee Cantata”.
So it’s not important what reason you have to make music as long as you have a reason.

Not necessarily answering the OP, but this is MPSIMS…

I recently ran into an old friend whose husband is a musician. His current gig is w/a christian metal band. They’re trying what seems to them a new effort. Every song is not about faith. They are working a few “just real life” tunes in to see how it goes. He’s a pro and not particularly divinely inspired. This current venue is where his skills and needs drew him and, should the christian rock market continue to grow, the available remuneration will likely draw in more pros who might be inclined to include repertoire that is “only music”…we’ll see.

Then expect the band to be HATED by most Christians then. They HATE bands that are “wishy-washy” on “the message.” Having just interviewed some folks in a local church for a story I wrote, that was a general consensus.

Of course Christian Contemporary Music is not as good as secular. The CCM mostly copies whatever is cool in the secular world and waters it down for kiddies who don’t care that they’re not as good as, say, The Offspring, but they sound LIKE The Offspring, but the words are just so nice to sing along to.

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Much (if not most) of the surviving music from the western european cultural tradition of the past is christian.

So secular music still has a lot of catching up to do.

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